Sunday, December 18, 2011


Coral blouse - Cotton On [$10]
Pants - Marsling [$10]
Bag - Clementi Point [present]
Shoe - Rubi [$5]
Watch - Nautica [Mom's]
Shawl - Giant [$5]

I am way to busy to update my blog. 
I am so sorry guys.
That is all for today. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011


White printed tee - Edc [can't remember the cost]
Blue tee- Giant johore [$0.45]
Shoes- Rubi [$5]
Bag- JP shop [Present]
Rings - Rubi [5 for $10]
Watch - Casio [Voucher]

I am sincerely not bragging. I simply want to tell you guys that the items i buy
are all cheap. I'm a sucker for cheap things.
So, you if want my look, (as if there is anyone who wants it) you can get it pretty cheap.

Moving on...

I didn't keep my promise to do an OOTD on the next day. BOOO! I'm sorry, i wore something way to casual. It is not right to do an OOTD that looks too casual. Alright moving on. So today, is the start of my Holiday!!

Well, we went to Ikea and talked about how the different rooms could be in cooperated in my room. We had a couple of ideas, But of course, i need to like save up and maybe just wait when it is time to change. Oh yea, before this i went to my backbone checkup to see if i'm progressing well or worse. The doctor said it is the same, it's not going curvy as bad as i thought. The nurse said that i'm not growing tall, which is BAD. But, i think i'll swim more often and like improve my back bone. Jump more and eat more healthy food. 

Here, are some photos that i took at IKEA. I thought of Andy while i was there, i found something, it might not be what you were thinking of but what the heck, i just thought that it might be in cooperated in your room. Any who, i also saw this beautiful velvet/suede looking curtains. It looks so gorgeous, i can't believe that it's worth $99. So disappointing.

Here you go!
 The blue one!!
 A close up.
 I would love to have this mirror, i'll take lots of photos man, the quality would be much better.
Here is the thing that i was thinking of Andy, The rack , i mean it looks rather small, 
but i think it may work.

Well, i shall end my post here, i'll meet you tomorrow i hope. With an OOTD, muslim style, hahaha. Meet you tomorrow, BYE!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


This is my first OOTD. I like how i paired up Denim on Denim. I really want a nice camera to work with.
Hopefully i can gather enough money to buy a DSLR or maybe a good enough quality one.
I hope i can take more photos and have a second OOTD. Tommorrow. 
Fingers cross.

It smells so good. I could die. I feel like buying it! I feel  like having a perfume collection. Woot.
I need to go now, HOTA still not done. Alright bye people!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I got way too stress and bored researching about medieval and classical art and started to use my itchy fingers and edited some of the pictures that i took. They were all in colour. I made it black and white for the last one as it thought it looks much more awesome.

There are like weird passer-by in my shout mix. Weird. Anyways, it's almost 11 and i'm not done with my work so imma do it and tell my members that i did my work and research. I feel so bad for leaving them alone. Confirm they'll give me bad "grades" for my evaluation. Never mind. This is life, and we do shitty things, so yeah. Whatever.

I think i will prolly stay back in school tomorrow to finish up my HOTA as soon as possible so that i will not need to panic last minute.

I'm wondering what to wear for tomorrow. Let me try my best to make it  a fashion post soon. I'm busy okay... Yeah right. Busy my foot. Don't worry i'll maybe do some perfumes comparison and thoughts. Then maybe some Singapore based accessory store.

I need to fly now. Have an awesome night. Goodbye.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011




Monday, October 17, 2011


HOTA really sucks. It is the most suckiest module you can ever have being an art student. I mean hell yeah it's important and like cool at first glance,but when you are told to research and shit. It just takes on so much toll on me. Gosh, i still have not like done my rj. The question is just too broad and i really do not know how to like answer it. Im'ma try my best. Moving on.. I'll show some of the pictures that i edited yesterday out of boredom and tell some Fashion stuff.

So jyeah. This last photo is a FAIL model photo. Ahahahha. I was bored so yeah, that is what you do when you are bored. They are all in black and white as i prefer it that way. Besides, the camera that i used is not that good at taking quality coloured pictures so i took it in black and white. I really like the tudung one. I look like a singer. Random, Any way let's move on to more fashion stuff.

This is the fashion stuff that i will be starting with. I bought a tank/dress that looks quite like this. I was wondering how to like style it. This is one way that i could style it. I could like use the blazer, but my blazer is like way too big on me, oh well, let's just see what happens. I'll prolly take photo's of my OOTD. I am always thinking what to wear everyday when going to school. Sometimes i just wished we had a uniform.  With this, i would probably make my own uniform, as in what to wear each day.

Let's move on.

I really like the long shirt thing. I forgot what's the name for that type of shirt. I mean it looks like a maxi dress/shirt. The colour is just simple and basic. I love her shoes and her satchel looking bag. I have a maxi dress but it's like a long tube dress. I'm still unsure how to style it. I'll prolly wear it when i go out with Aiyu and my cousin. I'll be like so dramatic wearing that. LOLS. Next up!

I also bought a denim shirt. Well, it looks like a denim jacket, And is way too big for me to wear it on it's own. I'm also wondering how to style it. So definitely, this is one of the simplest way to wear it. I'll prolly try to find a basic white tee or like a draped one. I think i should get more skinny jeans. Maybe a light worn off blue colour one and a black one. My current black skinny is too worn out.But i don't mind wearing it again. Let's move on..

The neck ring by JFR. I love this statement necklace and if i were to be confident enough i would prolly wear it. But still it's nice:))

The arrow ring. It looks sooo cool. Like totally, it looks unique. From Nasty Call.

I love this pair of glasses. It's so naise. Lovely. If i weren't blind i'll totally wear it.

I have to really do my rj and like take my beauty sleep. I'll be casual tomorrow. I'll try my best to do an OOTD. But i'll look really boring. Alright. I'll just try. Anyways. That's all.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


I love the glasses that she's wearing. I'm still thinking if i should change my everyday glasses to a round one or a simple black frame.

Or maybe this one. But after like thinking for awhile, i feel like it can get too mainstream. But if you know how to like style it maybe it won't.

Anyway. Moving on i'll talk more about my wishlist. I'm still pondering on what to buy for myself. I feel like making like some kind of an organizer to keep track of the clothes that i have and how i would style it. Maybe i'll take pictures and put them side by side. Idk. It's just an idea.


Mary Jane. I have been eyeing on this for so long. But ii am not sure what colour or design that i want.
It's either going to be black, cherry red or floral print. Other than this, i am unsure which design to choose from. Mary Jane is more feminine like and would be easier to style with. That's my thought.

The Carnaby. I just think that this shoe is so cute. However it does look like another normal school shoe.
That's why i'm still thinking if this should be in my wish list I mean it looks so cute. But still it looks normal. 
Still it is so adorable, i like it. I did not see it in the boutique though.

The vintage. I find this rather nice too. Aiyu said that she likes this too. However i have seen people wearing it like almost everywhere. it surprises me how common this shoe is. I mean they are Dr Martens after all. They seem to have all the money in the world . Any who, still pondering over this. 

Apparently the name of this boot is 1490, on the website. It's the usual boot. I have also been eyeing my eyes on this.I like the cherry red colour and how tough it looks. It'll look awesome with skinny jeans and a tank or a denim top. It'll look great! Oh well.

Next is this awesome watch by Tommy Hilfiger, called Jackson. I love the colour combination and how the strap is not the usual chain. I already have a Nautica watch and i think that this would be a great addition to my watch collection. It is meant for men, but it'll look good.

The satchel by Bohemia. I like how boxy it is. Not in this colour but in this design. I have been seeing this in lots of Lookbook looks. Ahaha, that just sounds so weird.Well that's all. I will prolly blog tomorrow.


Thank's for reading my blog. Bye!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Okay, so these photo's up here are from

Please check the website out if you want some fashion inspiration. When the holiday started everyone was wondering what they would do with the time given and wished that school started. But then when tomorrow is the actual school day, everyone is wondering how can i escape from this. But oh well , we are human, this is how we should be feeling.

I had an awesome last minute outing with my cousin last Saturday and went to Town to catch up as well as buy some cheap stuff at the Flea. Of course, being new to the scene i was amazed by the amount of things that they were selling. So i got just a tad too excited but certainly did not overspend but instead under spend. I have to say, a day at Cat Socrates is so nice. So then we made our way home and well, i had an aching foot so i was happy to reach home by 10.30 pm. Which was pretty okay and not too late as i expected. But of course, the other younger cousins of mine had to go to school on the Monday.

The very next day we went to the beach. We, meaning my family and I. I spend most of my time there feeling rather relaxed that i just had to take a fairly long nap. So i did while enjoying the breeze and the sound of the waves crashing the sand. As time flies by, we decided to head on home to rest as Andy came by to help me out with the twisting of metal "sticks" to make our very adventurous imagination of the awesome-easy-looking-deathly-hallows-symbol. But of course, i manage to do so except that it was just way too thick to cut it out. 

On Monday, it was just a normal day home and i got to rest while watching Television until Andy came and had fun with the Webcam. Feeling so childish and tired after laughing at almost every photo we watched television  till it struck midnight and she head on home while i head to my ever so comfortable bed. The next morning i was awaken by my mother telling me that she will be heading to the Clinic to claim MC for dad.

Hence today, dad was able to send me to school to grab my two sketchbook which cost $10 in total. Then we went to Causeway point only to realize that they were out of pencils that i wanted so badly. So we then went to Jurong Point to buy pencils,erasers and a sharpener. Then headed on home to continue my rest which i so badly needed from working at the Community Club. Yes, it might just sound so relaxing to work there only to "layan" the customers. 

And so today marks the last day of my holiday month, and so i am very much disappointed that i did not went on a holiday but of course had fun spending time at home. Later i'll be going to religious class and after which heading back home, and waking up tomorrow morning to go to school and meeting/making new friends. Boo hoo. Wish me luck. (:


Saturday, September 24, 2011


So while i was at work on Friday, Mum and Bro was at home cleaning the store room. I got so happy when mum rearranged the shoes. She put all of my shoes in one shoe shelf thinggy. It got me thinking that I have loads of shoes. But come one, i am a women. That is what we love. Fashion. We love all this stuff man.

I got really excited when thinking about the pay that i might be getting. But mum goes on that i should not buy more shoes. I think i'll visit F21 and H&M then get a few pieces. Some more accesories and maybe a bag that is small enough to be carried around and also big enough to fill up the essential stuff.

See see. I have not even get any money yet and i am already imagine what to get, I dont even think i'll get that much money. But i certainly want to go to H&M. Probably make a cousin night out and let my  cousins who are taking their O's this year some breather. I mean it's a stressing, i have been through that shit.

Oh yes, i just checked my UT results. Like shit seh my GPA. But oh well i'm still happy with it, i got 2.6 That's nit alot but its good enough. Anywho.Work is okay at the moment. I'm gonna leave this Friday as it's my last day.I hope everything there is okay and the guys will work hard as the ladies. I wish the best for Lisa as well as Santhi. That's all for now. I'll be working tomorrow i feel like i wanna spend time at Jurong Point. It's been a long time since i went out. *sigh*

That's all guys. Goodbye! Have a nice night. Laptop is dying watching korean show. Real good. (:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

work work.

i honestly have never worked this long and by myself before. So this is definitely scary for me. I wanted to like turned down the offer for this job. But i stayed true to my heart and thoughts. because before this i would usually turn ut down. But i once said to myself that i would accept this offer as i wanted to gain experience as well as money. It's not that much but still. it's a big deal for me.   alright im really tired. i wanna rest and spend time with my family and especially my mum. goodbye

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Isnt this sooooooooooo cool                                                                                                                            
  Yesterday was E24L's class BBQ. It was so much fun. My leg is in serious pain since i gave my all at cycling. So serve me right. Anywho we did this "ADUGEN" gif. Which turned out to be so cool. Like fer REAAAAAAAAL. Thank you V for editing it. This is way cooler than the edit i made. Ahahah. (:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chocolate, Dress and god,

 Chocolate here chocolate there, I wish i have a constant supply of chocolates in the fridge.
Brother just brought Cinnamon melts and chocolate melts i prefer cinnamon though.
Thank you so much abang. Love you.<3
 I really like how she paired up the corset with that beautiful nude pleated skirt. it cuts just at the right length, not too long and not too short so it does not show too much and is conservative at the same time. She looks really elegant with the up-do and that simple Chanel-look-alike clutch. I really like the free bird on her necklace, i always loved that bird, it shows hope and freedom. <3

For the past few days i have not been fasting due to Female reasons. I really feel bad that i'm not fasting but i can do nothing. I really hope that it would end soon and i can perform Terawih as well as solat. In this beautiful month of Ramadhan i must perform my prayers and ask for forgiveness from the great almighty , Allah. I find it stupid that i used to miss it or purposely miss it due to my lazyness, this shows how weak my Iman is and i am forever regretting my wrong doings.

I'm reading a book currently by Leila Aboulela called Minaret. I still don't really have the idea of the story but i hope this is one of those stories that would change my attitude spiritually and mentally. Does this two words
have the same meaning? I really did not mean it that way. I feel  like i am changing for the better ther is still some bad attitudes or things about me. But i can feel the change and it is making me feel much positive in life. 
In the book there is a paragraph that i'll like to quote.

The mercy of Allah is an ocean.Our sins are a lump of clay clenched between the beak of a pigeon.The pigeon is perched on the branch of a tree at the edge of that ocean.It only has to open it's beak.
This quote has so many meaning to it and i could live by that quote. It may not really be such a moving quote but that quote gives me hope that there is a chance for me to enter heaven in Akhirat. It is one of those things that scares me the most. I usually think about it. I mean one day or another i am going to die and return to Allah. I would prefer to be at my best and show him that i change.

I read in a book, or more like i learnt in one of my "studies" in mosque, that most of the "people" that enters Hell are women. This just shook me and made me think and wonder what i have been doing that might have just contributed it to be in my sins list. It is so simple for us to enter hell as women and so easy for men to enter heaven yet some of them do not try or do their best in doing so. I would love to be a better servant of god. I hope he receives my prayers and forgives my sins. Insyaallah i will change for the better. Insyaallah. Amin.

I am sorry if any part of my post might have gone against your perception or thinking and i am sorry if i have gone too religion-y in my post today. I just hope that world would change for the better. Insyaallah Amin.

With that, i bid goodbye. Assalam mualaikum. (:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo posting

 I really like how one side of her hair is longer than the other, it kind of reminded me of Rihanna's bobs. But i would prefer if my hair was thins long rather than have a really short bob.
 Her is Camilla Belle. I really like the curls and the softness of her hair. It looks so elegant almost regal. I really like how it fits with her. The curls are just enough to add volume instead of turning the hair into a mess. The length is also nice.
I really like her fringe here. It looks so soft and relaxed. I like the length even though it's still a bob. I like how it fits her fringe and her hair colour. i'm stil thinking if i should cut bangs, a normal fringe or just let it grow.
I am in LOVE with t his burgundy leather satchel. I have been seeing this  beeing used in Lookbook for  long time. I just came across it's website and was so excited until i saw the price. Of cos it was expensive, a cost of $135- But still the colour is great, it's made by real leather and the size is big enough. I'm still pondering what to buy for my mates as a form of momento. I was thinking of like buying some sweets and chocolate and a bracelet, so that we can all use it and be reminded of each other. Yeah, after calculating, it might just be over budget.
I am still trying to find a cheap skirt this long and flowy. My friend bought it at Bedok and it costs $18 which is affordable only thing is that i don't know exactly where it is. Also, i went window shopping on my one the other day and saw some nice affordable shoe. i want more slip on shoe and like a sandal. I am really looking forward to go to Johor again in this month, Insyallah. I want to buy sandals and maybe some dresses?

I really want to buy that bag at JP as well as that Shoe. Gosh, mum is like nagging at me because i;m like using my money to buy clothes and stuff so idk if i should buy anything now, but it is so cheap!!! 

I gtg, need to sahur later and then go blaja, i want to bring mum to JP. Alright. Good bye

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I totally feel this man. It has been happening to me now. I regretted saying no but oh well, Allah has a plan and i chose this path, who knows he might show me the right one, one day. I hope that I made the right choice. Now is not the time to think about relationship but instead studies. I'm a little sad about this but oh well, one day when it's right maybe it will happen. Insyallah. If not then it's okay. Alhamdulilah with what has happen all this while.
Moving on, I so missed the time when me, Fiqq and Ellia met to walk around shopping centers and well, bond. Fiqah then introduced to me Yami youghurt. It was so yummy, i feel like buying it, I don't know if i should buy it later as i don't think i have enough time to eat it. But it'll be cool. I'll buy the big one and share with my family.
*Stomach grumbling in class*

I'm having my maths quiz now but i am in no mood to check if i have written the right answer as i cannot be bothered to do so. Class has been so cold ever since it started fasting. I'm happy that my Chinese friend was "inspired" or like was in awe when we told her the reason why we fast.
She even fast today, but she did not eat sahur.:(
Moving on, i edited this photo and thought that it looked so cool. I was like, hell yeah, i actually wanted to put like electric bolts at her hands but i couldn't as i did not have the "equipment" and knowledge on how to do so. But it turned out to be nice and my brother likes it. Oh my gosh, I feel so tired and sleeping.

I soooooo want to go shopping with my classmates and watch Captain America together!

I have to go now, my teacher is showing his 6P at 11.00! ahahahah:)))

Friday, July 29, 2011


So, i'm going to try my best to post a really short simple and informative post about what has been happening since i have been in school. I believe that my grades are slowly going down instead of up. My UT results are not up to par with my expectations. I attended the ALC, adventure learning camp last Thursday and was happy that i did. I was rather disappointed that we were not allowed to try the high elements,rock climbing as well as the pitch black pipe thing. We basically just did abseiling as well as the "trust" thing. It was as if i had to kill myself by jumping of a building but there were people there to catch me.

After which one of my girl mate had a breakdown so i was there to help her and shared some of the feelings that i experience too about myself and like tell what i dislike about myself but in the end we have to love ourselves no matter what we say because words can't bring us down. So we told each other to be strong and love your self.

Any who, the main reason why i put up the photo above is to really just talk about the shoe, my palazs jazz are already torn, they can still be used but i wnt a new one basically. I't's just annoying to have a hole there and you can feel your toes peeping out of the shoe trying to see the outside world. My other mate was saying that she will be buying converse shoe while i think i want to buy the same shoe that i am using which is of course palaz, it last very long and is cheap. Okay, next information.
So, right now i feel like batman not because i am speaking like him but instead, i have two koyoks on my neck making me hard to turn left or right,my neck is so painful, my shoulders are stiff and my perut area feels like they are growing Abs. Oh my effing god. Thank god we don;t have PE in poly otherwise i will just suffer.

I have been arriving to school late lately, that sounded weird, whatever. So that is making me lose my A's god, i need those A's. Oh yah, today was the class photo-taking day. Not everybody was here so it was not as joyous as we wanted it to be. Although i am quite please that we sort of had a colour code which is white,blue and black. Coolness. I had loads of fun with my mates. I totally love my class way more than my sec class.

Anywho, isn't this shoe, above so freaking awesome. It's like freaking spiked and like protective. I can like freaking kick someone and they'll never mess with me again. EVER! Just joking. I just bought the latest Female magazine. I was so excited until i found out that it mostly consist of interview. So i will need to read it in more detail. I will try my best to post some of the photos of my mates.

I can't believe my short,simple and informative post turned out to be LONG. So i will end it here, i'm gonna do my RJ tomorrow.

Picture from:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ahahahahah. Step cute sak muke aku. ahhaha
im bored i still haven study for my programming ut.

Minah macam paham pakai tudung suke tattoo ni.
So cool, it'll be cool if i can do that in henna.
I feel like making my own shirt. Need to buy the paint for shirt.
Then gonna start painting and all.

I'm gettign bored with my hair. I wanna cut it.
But i wanna grow it too.
So idk what i want to do with it.
And i seriously dunno what to wear tomorrow.

It;s either hippie or bland.
Blegh u dunno if im gonna study tdy or not. So,
umm, that's all. BYE!