Friday, July 29, 2011


So, i'm going to try my best to post a really short simple and informative post about what has been happening since i have been in school. I believe that my grades are slowly going down instead of up. My UT results are not up to par with my expectations. I attended the ALC, adventure learning camp last Thursday and was happy that i did. I was rather disappointed that we were not allowed to try the high elements,rock climbing as well as the pitch black pipe thing. We basically just did abseiling as well as the "trust" thing. It was as if i had to kill myself by jumping of a building but there were people there to catch me.

After which one of my girl mate had a breakdown so i was there to help her and shared some of the feelings that i experience too about myself and like tell what i dislike about myself but in the end we have to love ourselves no matter what we say because words can't bring us down. So we told each other to be strong and love your self.

Any who, the main reason why i put up the photo above is to really just talk about the shoe, my palazs jazz are already torn, they can still be used but i wnt a new one basically. I't's just annoying to have a hole there and you can feel your toes peeping out of the shoe trying to see the outside world. My other mate was saying that she will be buying converse shoe while i think i want to buy the same shoe that i am using which is of course palaz, it last very long and is cheap. Okay, next information.
So, right now i feel like batman not because i am speaking like him but instead, i have two koyoks on my neck making me hard to turn left or right,my neck is so painful, my shoulders are stiff and my perut area feels like they are growing Abs. Oh my effing god. Thank god we don;t have PE in poly otherwise i will just suffer.

I have been arriving to school late lately, that sounded weird, whatever. So that is making me lose my A's god, i need those A's. Oh yah, today was the class photo-taking day. Not everybody was here so it was not as joyous as we wanted it to be. Although i am quite please that we sort of had a colour code which is white,blue and black. Coolness. I had loads of fun with my mates. I totally love my class way more than my sec class.

Anywho, isn't this shoe, above so freaking awesome. It's like freaking spiked and like protective. I can like freaking kick someone and they'll never mess with me again. EVER! Just joking. I just bought the latest Female magazine. I was so excited until i found out that it mostly consist of interview. So i will need to read it in more detail. I will try my best to post some of the photos of my mates.

I can't believe my short,simple and informative post turned out to be LONG. So i will end it here, i'm gonna do my RJ tomorrow.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ahahahahah. Step cute sak muke aku. ahhaha
im bored i still haven study for my programming ut.

Minah macam paham pakai tudung suke tattoo ni.
So cool, it'll be cool if i can do that in henna.
I feel like making my own shirt. Need to buy the paint for shirt.
Then gonna start painting and all.

I'm gettign bored with my hair. I wanna cut it.
But i wanna grow it too.
So idk what i want to do with it.
And i seriously dunno what to wear tomorrow.

It;s either hippie or bland.
Blegh u dunno if im gonna study tdy or not. So,
umm, that's all. BYE!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Latest profile pic on fb.. I look like andy,i miss her so much!

Check out this array of shoes. Which are to die for!!
Oh my goddess. I'm like gaga-ing over it.
Beautiful,stunning,cool,amazing shoes from Jeffrey Campbell
Yup, there's a hole in the middle of the shoe, cool right?
But, it would be such a pain to wear.
I just love platform sandals, i want to buy sandals!!
Platform sandals too, if only malaysia sold them, i would buy it.
This is like way cool man, i love the colour combination and like how high these
babies are, and it's platform so cute. I wanna see a model walk on that.
The skin is just so lovely and smooth looking.
I love the detailing and the whole at the back, a different design than normal heels
Platform oxfords!!! I saw some girl wearing this just now in the bus to school.
I'm sooooooo jealous. I can't find this anywhere though,
cheap too. :D
So sexy, look at the zip length, it would be suck an easy task for us to wear
it,You don't need to lace them up everyday. So nice..
I love this lita as well as the print. It is definitely unique
and out of this world but still i love it, it makes it look like
you are the only one who owns this.
Ending it off with this stunning shoe, i love the buckle and the slit at the bottom
making this wedges looks like shard heels, so cool and cute.

Okay, i am suppose to study for my communications UT tomorrow.
So, time to sign off, goodbye people.

Good luck to all of those who are sitting for it tomorrow.:D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transformer Review

Alright guys. I just came back home from watching Transformer dark of the moon. Personally i think it was not the best but it was still worth your money. Okay, so it started with Labeouf with the the new chick. I thought that she would take over Fox's character but instead they introduced a new character. Good job with the cover up guys.

i was kind of shock as Rosie huntington(new chick) was speaking in a british accent, then they explained that Labeouf broke up with Fox. So, then a new character was introduced, patrick dempsey, he played as the boss of Rossie and was rather flirtatious. So, the whole movie was very slow. It was like reading a short 'red riding hood' story very slowwwwwwly. So it was 2 and a half hour.

Okay, so megatron made allies with the other robot, (what was his name?!) which then tricked Optimus to give life to that robot and then that robot stab his back. wakwakwak.

Aww so sad, so thing is, megatron wants to take over the earth and make the humans slave while the other dude just wants to build their robot city back and optimus wants to protect the humans. So in the middle of the story where the climax was, there were some moments which i felt was kind of 'wrong'.

So, there was this bridge which only that robot could control , so he places it all over the world, when infact it's just america,thailand and hong kong. Then that robot controlled a sum of robots, the decepticons and killed innocent people in America, oh my, so scary. At this point i was feeling like it's turning into 'the end of the world' movie, which was disappointing. So, like i said, they placed the bridge at those three different locations but the lazer-beam-bridge-thing, only beamed in America and then, soldiers start appearing from nowhere.

That was kind of weird, so at one point the beaming lazer was stoped as something/someone shot it. But it was still alive, it was 'fainting' then the evil patrick held it up, and the beaming continued, oh at that point in time, optimus was stuck hanging on ropes. (-,-)". So then all the autotbots were caught by the decepticons and there was a short seen of them being emotional. Then two little robots came to the rescue wiht raining robots, woohoo. So then optimus was saved and his right hand was cut, so tangan kodong.

Oh hell yeah, i'm spilling the beans..

Then, bumblebee shot the bridge, one pillar only, (you need all 100). And the lazer stoped beaming, and the robot city was destroy, which makes no sense at all. I thought it would be more dramatic with a whole 20+ pillar needed to be shot down but it was not. So, America(only one part of it, Chicago i think) was like affected with buildings tumbled and bodies incinerated. And optimus killed his brother, the end.

Now, what i'm thinking is, What the fuck happens to the other decepticons that were transported to the earth, i'm sure they would frigging kill the autobots, but NO, it just end that way. Haish, the ending was saddening it was suppose to be epic with frigging explosions and sound effects, but it was all normal. Ohh, and the comedy was still there, which kinds off made the movie better.

And also at one point in time, Labeouf was being pulled by starscream and was like err, "thrown", at that point you could see it was a fake cartoon. Okay the end.

3/5 stars.

I can't wait to watch Harry Potter and Captain America and The avengers.

I'm gonna do a review after i watch it. Gonna sleep, and study. Maybe. Ok bye!