Saturday, September 24, 2011


So while i was at work on Friday, Mum and Bro was at home cleaning the store room. I got so happy when mum rearranged the shoes. She put all of my shoes in one shoe shelf thinggy. It got me thinking that I have loads of shoes. But come one, i am a women. That is what we love. Fashion. We love all this stuff man.

I got really excited when thinking about the pay that i might be getting. But mum goes on that i should not buy more shoes. I think i'll visit F21 and H&M then get a few pieces. Some more accesories and maybe a bag that is small enough to be carried around and also big enough to fill up the essential stuff.

See see. I have not even get any money yet and i am already imagine what to get, I dont even think i'll get that much money. But i certainly want to go to H&M. Probably make a cousin night out and let my  cousins who are taking their O's this year some breather. I mean it's a stressing, i have been through that shit.

Oh yes, i just checked my UT results. Like shit seh my GPA. But oh well i'm still happy with it, i got 2.6 That's nit alot but its good enough. Anywho.Work is okay at the moment. I'm gonna leave this Friday as it's my last day.I hope everything there is okay and the guys will work hard as the ladies. I wish the best for Lisa as well as Santhi. That's all for now. I'll be working tomorrow i feel like i wanna spend time at Jurong Point. It's been a long time since i went out. *sigh*

That's all guys. Goodbye! Have a nice night. Laptop is dying watching korean show. Real good. (:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

work work.

i honestly have never worked this long and by myself before. So this is definitely scary for me. I wanted to like turned down the offer for this job. But i stayed true to my heart and thoughts. because before this i would usually turn ut down. But i once said to myself that i would accept this offer as i wanted to gain experience as well as money. It's not that much but still. it's a big deal for me.   alright im really tired. i wanna rest and spend time with my family and especially my mum. goodbye

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Isnt this sooooooooooo cool                                                                                                                            
  Yesterday was E24L's class BBQ. It was so much fun. My leg is in serious pain since i gave my all at cycling. So serve me right. Anywho we did this "ADUGEN" gif. Which turned out to be so cool. Like fer REAAAAAAAAL. Thank you V for editing it. This is way cooler than the edit i made. Ahahah. (: