Sunday, December 18, 2011


Coral blouse - Cotton On [$10]
Pants - Marsling [$10]
Bag - Clementi Point [present]
Shoe - Rubi [$5]
Watch - Nautica [Mom's]
Shawl - Giant [$5]

I am way to busy to update my blog. 
I am so sorry guys.
That is all for today. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011


White printed tee - Edc [can't remember the cost]
Blue tee- Giant johore [$0.45]
Shoes- Rubi [$5]
Bag- JP shop [Present]
Rings - Rubi [5 for $10]
Watch - Casio [Voucher]

I am sincerely not bragging. I simply want to tell you guys that the items i buy
are all cheap. I'm a sucker for cheap things.
So, you if want my look, (as if there is anyone who wants it) you can get it pretty cheap.

Moving on...

I didn't keep my promise to do an OOTD on the next day. BOOO! I'm sorry, i wore something way to casual. It is not right to do an OOTD that looks too casual. Alright moving on. So today, is the start of my Holiday!!

Well, we went to Ikea and talked about how the different rooms could be in cooperated in my room. We had a couple of ideas, But of course, i need to like save up and maybe just wait when it is time to change. Oh yea, before this i went to my backbone checkup to see if i'm progressing well or worse. The doctor said it is the same, it's not going curvy as bad as i thought. The nurse said that i'm not growing tall, which is BAD. But, i think i'll swim more often and like improve my back bone. Jump more and eat more healthy food. 

Here, are some photos that i took at IKEA. I thought of Andy while i was there, i found something, it might not be what you were thinking of but what the heck, i just thought that it might be in cooperated in your room. Any who, i also saw this beautiful velvet/suede looking curtains. It looks so gorgeous, i can't believe that it's worth $99. So disappointing.

Here you go!
 The blue one!!
 A close up.
 I would love to have this mirror, i'll take lots of photos man, the quality would be much better.
Here is the thing that i was thinking of Andy, The rack , i mean it looks rather small, 
but i think it may work.

Well, i shall end my post here, i'll meet you tomorrow i hope. With an OOTD, muslim style, hahaha. Meet you tomorrow, BYE!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


This is my first OOTD. I like how i paired up Denim on Denim. I really want a nice camera to work with.
Hopefully i can gather enough money to buy a DSLR or maybe a good enough quality one.
I hope i can take more photos and have a second OOTD. Tommorrow. 
Fingers cross.

It smells so good. I could die. I feel like buying it! I feel  like having a perfume collection. Woot.
I need to go now, HOTA still not done. Alright bye people!