Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photoshoot/ ootd

So hello again. I'm here to post a photoshoot / ootd.
I actually wanted my cousin to help me and take pictures for me.
But she was busy and so i took it by myself.
So , thing is when i was enjoying shooting all these photos.
The next door neigbour dog saw me and started barking.
Heck i was so scared. I went back in and well, i curled into a ball.
Nah that's lying. So here goes. Hey ho!

 So, i tried my best to edit it to make the whole post as one, but i kind of got overboard and 
i think i added too much. Enjoy. It's just going to be photos and i'll explain it last.

 I tried to get a full picture of my outfit but the camera didn't focus and they all turned out blur. 
So i like took myself sitting down. I hope you can see the outfit yeah?

Yeah, i took it at my home gate. And i live in a HDB flat. So this explains the lack of space.
 How i wish to have a yard infront of my house or a lawn. That'll be fun.


Polka dot polo tee by Bosini.
Shorts are DIY-ed.
Boots by Dr Martens.
Watch by Timex.
Belt are my dad's.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So i have not been posting in a while now. So to get things running. Imma post all of my shoes.
I did them in the collage and edited them to make it look more presentable.
Um, i'll explain briefly about each shoe, where i got it and stuff.
And if you are interested in like knowing more. Tell me.
But i doubt you will. My blog is rotting.

So first up is one of my go-to. Loafer looking flats.
The colour is a really nice light Burgundy. 
it's really comfy and light but they dont have those
structure or support you need at your feet.
I bought them with the one below for $30.
So, that was a deal. By Rubi.

Here is the other pair that i bought with the one above .
Its a nice deep blue with a front gold tip. It's a really
pretty contrast and looks ah-mazing. I wanted to get
a basic black flat but, the colour combination wasn't nice. And i thought, 
why not get a wild bright colour. So yeah.
Slightly better structure and comfy.
So i bought two for $30. 

 Next!! This is my first and worn out pair of sandals.
I'm not a big fan of jeweled or anything too bling bling.
But these were the one that were more muted.
I had to get them because i was pretty bored with sneakers.
So here it is. It's a light brown shade. Really neutral and easy
to mix it with anything.
I think it costs $25. I bought it at johore, cant remember the store.

Next is my oxford shoes. I have always aimed at getting one.
I saw one that was in a deep brown and it looks so good but these
were on sale and i could not let them go. These were not as i expected.
I'm really dissapointed in these, they are not comfortable at all.
They are really tough, but structured. The heels makes
so much noise. I think i should have gotten them at Bata which
makes it better. But hey i got them already.
$15, what a bargain. Rubi.

These, i bought them because of the print. It's a painted printed shoe.
Really soft, as in it's not hardy or heavy with soles.
And it's really light. Not so structured. Um, i would wear this
with something really casual not so dressy or i want to 
add a print to my outfit. I think i got these for $10. Rubi

My go to sneakers. I have my Palas Jazz a total rip off Vans.
But i don't mind, as it's really comfy, great structure. 
Really nice to wear on a lazy day. It's been a while since
i wore these. I got it for $16. Bargain right!
I bought it at a store in Marsling.

I bought these as i broke or tore one of my shoe and had to get a 
replacement. I think i tore my slippers and i saw hoe cute
these were. I wanted to get the red colour but my size were out.
So i had to get the one closest to it.
Of curse, it's orange. Guess what, i bought it for $2.
Cheap, i know. At a store in Marsling.

These are highcuts. Umm i would not recomend to you this
if your a dancer or are going to wear them everyday.
They have no structure, the soles are thin and
well it's not as comfy. I just needed a black shoe and i got them.
Rubi, $15

This is my first sport shoe. From Saucony. It was on sale.
Warehouse sale, i needed one for school. I like the colour combo.
It's really comfortable, but i think it's a bit to big for me.
So i don't wear them often. can't remember the price but i'll recommend them!

I have always wanted to own a pair of New Balance kicks.
So i got rally excited when i saw one on sale. I wanted
the guys designed but my size was out again. What luck.
But i definitely love this too. Blue in colour, my favourite.
They are so comfortable and incredibly light.
I'm so happy with this purchase.
$50 at IMM New Balance store.

This is one of my Raya Shoe. I did not pay for it.
My dad did, i really like the overlapping design. It's really comfy.
The height is not so high. It's just right and yeah.
I think it was for $50.

These are by far my best and favourite shoe. 
First ever boot or shoe from Dr Martens. I told
my brother to get it for me. So technically it was for free.
Hehehe. Love them really comfortable.
$159, Dr Martens, Orchard Central.

This is my latest pair of heels for Raya.
These are so expensive i felt sorry for buying it.
It's $80 i got a discount.
really light, great height and just comfy.

I got these for $5. Really nice for added height. 
Not my favourite colour but its nice.
Comfy, abit painful if you walk for too long.

Heels $5 as well. Nice height.
Really comfy. Simple basics.
You can wear it up or down.

These are my oldest heels. They are really nice for a pin up look.
Um, i cant remember the price but they are lovely.

These are my moms but i can't fit in them!
ugghr. But they are mine now. I'll pass them down.
Coureges, i heard they are a popular shoe brand.

These are my mom's too.
They were popular too and i cant fit in them.

My first Scholl pair. They are incredibly light and comfortable.
The height is perfect and the fabric is really nice and comfy.
I love it. Thanks Mom and Dad!

These are my first Crocs, they are really comfy and my cousin gave me
as she could not fit it. She bought the wrong size.
So idk the cost.

That's all guys! I hope that was okay. So here it is. Hope you enjoyed it.
Will try to do some OOTD soon. See you guys!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have to thank Lookbook once more for this post. I have always wanted to post something during the holidays but i just never did due to my pure laziness and also due to the fact that i have no idea what to post about. So since school will be starting next week. I am prepared to take OOTD pictures and share them with you all. My imaginary reading audience. Anywho. I will just share with you 10 picks that i found from Lookbook.

First up, i choose. Pouline Gernes

So here, is just a casual take on an everyday outfit to school. Sometimes when you wake up early in the morning and your brain is pretty much well not awake yet. This is a simple casual look to wear to school. Besides, i am a big t-shirt and jeans girl. I have a cardi that looks exactly like that except in black and i have a darker shade of skinny jeans. Since it's a pretty much casual look, i can wear it easily.
Visit her blog :Pouline Gernes.

Next we have, Andrei Koshelev.

Here, I have been loving this "bar" thinggy that appears on the sleeves of blazers or cardigans. Here you can see it's on the left sleeve of Andrei's jacket. Again a simple look, t-shirt and jeans, put on a jacket and a pair of boots. You are done. I like how a simple look can turn out great. I definitely would want to find a jacket like that. Fitted snuggly. Definitely a nicer take on varsity jackets.

Tine Andrea Storlos is next.

I have to say, almost all the pictures i chose looks rather casual but i mean, that's me. I can wear this look as well to school. I just need a basic white tee and a slouchy white tee. But what i truly love with the outfit that she is wearing is her coat, i love the somewhat of a "speckle" effect. And her cool idea of putting two skinny belts together as one. Her blog ;Tine Andrea Storlos.

Next is Marty K.

I chose his look because of the chunky scarf. I mean, i would love to wear that in this cooling weather right now in Singapore but as soon as school ends at 2/4 the weather would be so hot that i'll swear my pants off. Also i loveee love love the cardi or sweater whatever it is that he is wearing. I love how simple he styled his outfit. Love the colour combination. His blog :Marty K.

Annalisa A

There isn't anything special about this outfit. Until you see those awesome stud jacket! i have been wanting a denim jacket since forever. I would prefer a lighter wash on her denim jacket but different people prefer different washes. So yeah. But with those studs, they are killer.Annalisa A.

Aileen Belmonte

Okay so here is a dress. I mean the ones before had like t-shirts and jeans. So finally a dress. To me it's a tad too dressy for an every day outfit but i still like it. Maybe i will not style it like her but i still like it. I love the colour of the dress. I'm still uncomfortable in wearing a dress above the knee. i love how she contrast the red with a white blazer. Lovely. Her blog : Aileen Belmonte.

Next!!!Eleonora Carisi

I love her name. Sounds so cool and unique. What i love about her outfit is a mix of slouchy and how should i say this, "sturdy". Gosh my vocabulary is pathetic i must say. My dad has a jacket that looks somehting like that. the leather is way to hard. But i love how she is kind of okay with it being big. If i do wear my dad's jacket it would look like i am drowning in it. But it's so comfy, the lining in it and all. But ofcourse, Singapore is not windy the whole day, it'll be hot again.

Wioletta Mary Kate

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Am so sorry but i am genuinely in love with her jumper/sweater. The colour fabulous the fit awesome. I love the colour blocking that she did. If you din't see it, it's primary colour blocking. Yellow and blue. Okay maybe a mustard yellow still. Gosh i love how she paired up her leggins with her beanie. I have been searching for a thick slouchy beanie for so long. Ahh i just love the outfit as a whole.  Visit her : Mary Kate

We have Karin Bylund next.

I just adore her pants. The nice maroon somewhat burgundy colour looks amazing with her oversized blazer. The colour just mix in well together. Simple outfit yet again. Paired it nicely with a pair of sandals. Karin.

And last but certainly not least is Mattis Dallmann

This is not everyone's cup of tea, i must say. I simply love the sweater/jumper. How it's knitted and the colour. It does look old but still it's a nice top. I like how he scrunched his sleeves and paired the look with highcut oxfords. Mattis.

So that's it guys. 10 picks for today. I hope that i'll wake up early tomorrow so that i can dress up and go out. It's going to be an end for my holidays. Goodbye and may the odds be ever in your favour. :D

Sunday, March 11, 2012

i want to post something special for you all. But the internet here is like a piece of crap

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well hello there readers. If there are any. It has been a looong time since i updated my blog. Really sorry.
But i think i owe myself a rest. I have some projects in mind. I'm saying goodbye to my loosey goosey brain.
I mean, i have been having this negative vibe in me which is not good, so i'm tossing it away. Now it's time for OOTD!

 I really did not know what to wear. Woke up really early today and was rushing to grab something nice to wear only to realise that we were having breakfast. Which was somewhat disappointing. I thought i could go on and search for the New Balance shoe as well as a new wallet, maybe from Charles & Keith. But, let's get back to the outfit today, I decided to wear the oversize denim shirt i got with me Denizen Jeans, accesories, was simple, just the usual watch, fox ring, and heart necklace. My shoe from Saucony and bag from Perlini.


 So, this is how i plan to do, phase one is to see if bleaching my jeans is going to work. Definitely not as pleasing as i thought it would be. I did some research after my first phase. Which should have been done before i did my experiment. Anyways, i'm gonna put an example of how i want it to look later at the bottom. The next few photo are the front and back as well as the closer view on it. Enjoy, or maybe not.

 This is the back view if the dipped jeans
 Front zoom
Back zoom.

I am kind of satisfied with how the bottom part of it is kind of completely gone. I like that it turned out white instead of a faded pink, So, i am happy with how the experiment turned out after all. My experiment made me realised that the amount of bleach needs to be enough for the jeans, i did try to mix it with water but it turned out, well it did not even bleach the jeans. So, no need to mix with water.

If you see here, the gradient on how the colour changes, i like how it blends and it does not look blocky. Which is kind of nice for the first time. So Phase II, tmrw? Maybe, when i have some free time.

Here is the picture of how i want my red jeans to look like.

See how it kind of drips down to the other jeans. It is slightly blocky but still it looks nice. But one thing that i really like is how it is bleached, it is completely gone. Which is what i want as well. I'm gonna cut my jeans short as well, but not as short as this. Also, i will distress the bottom, i will , if possible, add studs. 

Woahh, such a project. But i really hope that someone can tell me where i can find Studs. Thanks!

Good bye, i hope you enjoyed today's post.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I LOVE this picture to the max.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This was yesterday. Went to school after a two day holiday.
Thanks to CNY.

First day of school on a Wednesday, Creative Concept, we had to write a biography.
It was a long boring day. Went home straight after that.

Anyway, yesterday's outfit was.
Shirt - Striped tee from IMM [$5]
Pants - Jeans from Lee [$25]
Cardigan - Cotton On  [$10]
Bag - Avon [$15+]
Shoe - Sandals [$15]

I'll post today's OOTD probably today or tomorrow.
I need to get back to work, class is already starting.
Look forward to my Burberry special, coming up.



During this day, i was excited with what i was wearing.
We celebrated Yu Xiang's birthday. 
I was too tired to take a photo, so i took it like this. (:

I'll make it fast, i'm gonna upload another one today, since i am free now.
In school by the way, hahah.

Shirt - Fred Perry [Fake $10]
Pants - Levis Skinny jeans [$30+]
Shoe - Dr Martens Mary Jane's [$159]
Socks - Daiso [$2]
Watch - Nautica [$400]
Bag - Mum's

That is all for now. I shall continue to another post yeah? 

Saturday, January 14, 2012



I have been more into this kind of songs. I don't know exactly the genre is but i'll just call it club music. Music that makes you wanna dance and be stress free. I really like it and it's catchy. Moving on to Fashion now.

I really like the coat that she wears here. It's Zara and i reallt like the camel tone on it. It's a very simple get up when you wanna go out. Just throw on some good quality skinnies with a tee and put on the coat, grab an over the shoulder bag or a hand bag, some heels or even flats and your done. There you go an effortless chic look on your day out shopping or just put for dinner. If i do have that coat i would wear it on a day out, Singapore's pretty hot now uinlike the late December and early January where the days are cold and rainy.
Any ways, give her a hype up. Or even visit her blog.

Next up is Nancy! Another great outfit. It's a lttle bit out there. But still i like it. You need to be a little brave to wear this. It's not so bright or any thing like that but still, if your wearing this just to go to school, to me it looks a little to dressy. But still i like how she makes it androgynous. You don't usually see suspenders being worn with skirts but here it looks good. It's simple, conservative and neat.I love the hour glass shape that she has and how a long skirt looks great on her rather than frumpy and old. A simple black and white get up that you can wear maybe for a photo shoot or out with some fashionable friends. Hype her too as well as visit her blog for inspiration!

Here is a makeup tutorial video of Dulce. It's not beacause of the Kardashion look but beacuse it looks so stunning and the steps are simple. There is'nt a need to use so much make up . I have been watching her "grow" and i just can't believe that she's married and has a child. It looks really natural and i think can fit any outfit. For a more suttle look switch the lipstick to a nude one or a gloss.

That's all for today i hope you enjoyed today's post. Goodbye!