Friday, October 23, 2009

The Issue

Unreliable Promises

This is an issue that i really hate the most and gets me really frustrated. I don't like the idea of having a great conversation with someone and suddenly having and idea of going out together to do something on a particular day. After planning everything like the venue, time and what to do list, the "promise" to go out is canceled. You know how i feel? I feel real angry like wanting to throw a stone at a window and hear the glass crack and fall into pieces [Ohh how nice that would feel]. If you know that you have something on that day and think that you are going to be busy or tired or lazy then just say that straight to my face, i won't be offended or angry I'll be so please that someone has said something that would clear my mind for awhile. Its like you plan your big wedding day 3 months earlier and feeling so exited to marry the guy you love and after sending the invitation, 2 days before the wedding the guy cancels it, isn't that a blow off! See what i mean. It sucks right? Well if you don't know what i mean then just read someone else's post. This is one of the issue that i really hate. Share yours if you want. My english sucks. SO?
Thank you for all the wishes and presents. Really appreciated it a lot.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I'll make it quick, i have not been updating as i'm busy with school and no one cares about my blog.
I'm in the hospital. Everything is alright but still, that's all.