Sunday, October 10, 2010

laugh here
laugh there.
Then hw?
Fly awayy.
oooh yah, there
is this cool dude.
let me search the video.

It's so cool kann.
Imagine if the whole band play
the instrument by mouth.
Without sounding like
a beatbox ah.
I mean make it sound like really
rock giler.
best shit man.
Okay da merepek.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I wanted to post something from my lappy.
So i watched some videos first, like nromal.
And then suddenly it just went
zeng zeng zeng zeng
Then , the screen was like pixilated.
i was saying "fuck shit"
hati bederai.
My laptop crasheddddddd.
Now its functioning with a black screen
nak tengok ape?
And that was a present from dad.
God damn it dina.
Now using bro lappy.
It's both good and bad,
now all my photos goneeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hati ku sedih sangat...
boleh nangis.
Now i dunno how to tell dad.
So now dina,
focus on your fucking os!
Ass girl.

bye ah

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So i wanted to like stay back in school and do homework so
i can focus ah. But it was just too damn hot.
I had to go home and take a nice cool bath.
So then kedebak kedebuk.
Today during english lesson,
We went to the library and had our reading period.
So we left our begs outside and took our wallets.
So i quickly went to ms soh's class cos she said she said
She could not find the mould that i made.
I was so shock and convince that she might ahve missed it.
So i ran there, well, in my mind i was running.
So met her and went to the room.
I was shock to se that the cupboards were rearanged,
"huh? cher, where my mould? But this is my box leh "
"You recognise you bix ah arni?"
My reaction was sort of slengenye cikgu ni.
And also, who the **** took out my things.
My box was filled with rubbish papers.
I was so vexed, gawwwwd.
Then search high and low.
Found it right behind in another cup board.
The feeling of relief was just, fuhh.
I f lost, my marks. NOOOOOOOO.
Luckily my artifact was fine.
Okay, so back to the library incident.
I went up back to the library and read/talk.
SO bell rung.
I went outside,
"eh? i did not zip my bag ah? i thought i did."
So i was like, maybe i did not.
The i told that to wiah.
"A'ah arni, bag kite pon terbuka. Nasib baik bag duit ade."
I looked at Liyana, she said
"Eh, mane beg duit aku? Takde? Camne?"
I was like f****** shit. Why now?
Liyana and me in mental breakdown ,
And you had to steal the wallet.
So i said to her to keep calm and report to Mr G.
SO she did that and suddenly burst into tears.
My heart was like that s** of a *****.
SO yadayadayada.
After school went to GO to report.
The lady was like really showing concern.
Then she received her wallet back.
"Ade? Ezlink kau ngan ic semua ade tak?Da check?"
Liyana"Da, semua ade.cume duit"
Me"check lagi betul2 ic ade."
*check check*
So seh explained that the lady said, her wallet was found in the hall.
What the hell.
This means it is one of the N level students!!!.
Bloody asses. Come on lah.
2 bucks? what's wrond with you?
You want money ah?
Rob bank laaaa.
Atleast Liyana was like really really really relieved.
So today alot of drama.
Thank god my mould and liyana's wallet was found.
okayy, times up. homework homework homework.

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maths lesson:
Ahmad: Arni paper.
Jinwei: Arni paper.
Me: *ignores*
Ahmad: Arniiiiiiiii.
Me: ignores.
people around including ms aida: laugh
Jin wei: huh? Saba?What's that?
Ms Aida: Means patience. Wait.
Jin Wei: Ohh. then paper?
Me: kertas.
Jinwei: huh? Kerrrtas?
Me : ah.
Ahmad: *look somewhere else* Budak.
Jinwei: huh? Buddha? Why you call her buddha.
Ahmad: *giggle*Budak
Jin wei: Ya la, buddha.
Xiaoting: Budak not buddha.
Ahmad: Ya lah you jinwei, budak.
Jinwei: Now why you calling me buddha?omm
Jinwei:*looks behind*Ohhoh. Cher, see jinkai seh pukimakkau.'
Ms Aida: Eh, don't say that to anyone.
Whole class: laughs.
Ahmad: Eh, teach me chinese. Limbo something something.
Xiao ting: Eh, that one hokkien.
Ahmad: huh?*giggle*
Jinwei: hahahaha. you say vulgarity to yourself.
Me and xiaoting: rofl (not literallly)
Me: what he say?
Jinwei and xiaoting: explain2.
Me: he say his father cb?
Jinwei: laugh laugh.
Jin wei: eh, father in malay what ah?
Me: bapak.
Jinwei: Ahmad, konek bapok kau.
Me, Ahmad and xiaoting: LMAO.
Jinwei: correct what.
Ms Aida walks, stand in between Ahamd and Jinwei.
JInwei: Konek bapok kau .
Ms Aida: laugh.
Ah too long. so the entertaining.
So, what did we learnt today?
- Swifty
Signing off,

Monday, October 4, 2010

So i gave the silent treatment to Syahrizad and Alfian,
i just couldn't be bothered.
So started school really sleepy and had so little energy.
But, after reccess energy UP.
But no use, english sat in class and stared at one another.
Complete waste of time.
I could have gone home and do notes or study .
Oh and ya, Mus, botak??
Okay i'm gonna bathe.
Ohh btw my english teacher suck.
he din even enter the class.
What a dusshh.
jeez, k ah i want to chill and start mugging!!!
Signing off,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raya photo for this year is, drumroll please.
Aiyo, so the not nice, im thinking of doing a jif later maybe?
Chemistry still not done, oooh.
Gonna do it now, fb is teman-ing me.
With the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games, oooh handsome
bollywood dude. gahh.
Sorry, sidetrack for a moment,
just now went to mustaffa and i bought some haircare product.
Now feels kinda worser.
cis buang duit je.
but ill see first if it will some how work.
is the key to success,
bebuih je.

Lawanye aku.

mcm paham!!!

signing off,


OK go

Saturday, October 2, 2010