Monday, January 24, 2011

22,23,24 January 2011

Okayy, so i made this dream thingy on top.
I find it really cute and was inspired
by tumblr. Yupp. It's hung
under my window, so when i sleep can see.
So last Saturday,22 January, went out with Fiqq
ate pancake. I carved mine to look like
pacman. with eyes...
Lame dina
Eye balls, happy face..
Fiqq tried to carve but mine better la.
It's a heart actually.
She puts alot of syrup man.
So the manis.
Then i carved an A lol.
This was what i wore.
Unfortunately, the camera's photos are with her
and some are in my bro's laptop.
So yeahh.
I think terdelete.
Fiqq looks like she want to rembat someone.
Look at that, Singapore... Wahliao
Marina Bay sands
Sunday 23 January, It was Elli's birthday.
So we went to Vivo to celebrate.
She din know i think.
So yahh.
Nana sibuk kat blakang.
All the sedare, perempuann
Birthday girl
Look at the huge DOMO!
Almost the same height as me.
almost ah.

Then we all went Jalan2 around Vivo.
Wnet to Forever 21 and were gaga-ing over it.
I want to buy the slothes there.
I'm gonna find a job and go shopping.
Like seriously man.

So earlier today, went to Parklane mall
with Vanessa, nothing special really.
Met her at Dhoby Ghout.
I don't know how to spell it.
Gave some information to Fatin and left.
I'm gonna get Chinggay shirts!!!
Wooot and hats.
I hope it's not crazy la, i mean the hats.
So yah.
Left there and went back home.

I think i want to go on a job hunt
at Jurong Point tomorrow.
Either by myself or with my mum.
So yeah, i'm kinda sleepy now.

See ya!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I wanted to upload ALOT of pics but bro does not want to help me.
My laptop is suckish as it does not detect the wireless network.

Ala. i no mood to post la. bye

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hilarious man. The wind was so strong.
My hair masai.
So took a photo of it.
Fiqq helped me to take my photos.
I helped Fiqq to take photos of buildings.
Surprisingly, walking around singapore is fun.
The thing is, prepare a muscle cream.
Cos my leg sakit semacam.

i havent wrap elli's present.
i tired ah people.
Tomorrow i blog fully eh.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I feel really tired now.
So i'll just start it off with
featuring Zikkah.

First, i did not want the yellow part of the telur
but she ordered it already.
MY fault.!!
Then i meant the mashed potato sauce.
Not chilli sauce.
But, i din have to pay for it
so that made everything else way awesome!

I need to do the power point now.
Sorry people!.
Go kick some ass!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'll explain on the Eiffel Tower later
This too.
And this.

Okay, so like today i woke up pretty early.
I hated it, i slept at 3 yesterday!!!
But i can't blame anybody else except myself.
I'm posting today's post pretty early,
cos later will be going to masjid and stuff.

Soo, I have been thinking of doing a "make over"
to my room, I asked mum if i could repaint my room.
She was like SURE! but paint it yourself.
Thanks mum, but seriously, I'll die by the time i finish painting.

If i can't then maybe i'll just rearrange the whole room cos,
i arranged it this way as i was sitting for my Os.
So i need a space for me to do my revision and stuffs.
In order for me to do that, i must face the table and
not the television! Ding,
Also, instead of two beds in my room.

Side track: Bro,was at the door, so i dashed to open it,
i came back to my room noticing that my laptop
restart without me knowing.
I was sooooooooooooooo pissed.
But luckily, google chrome always restore whatever you were doing
If you accidentally turned it off or whatever.
Thank god!!!!!

Okay back.
Since Yayi is no longer here, i am using his bed,
which is way more nicer and "new"
My katil is twice it's hight because we like put it on top
of each other. :D

So, i really feel like rearranging everything
to make my room look more Poly-ish.
I want to hang my photography pictures,
light bulb

I got this awesome idea.
I have like photography pictures that i bought from ikea.
It's all on my wall, hanging.
SO i was thinking, how about having this little.
Gallery. SO maybe i'll put all the photo's on one corner
And hang my pictures that i took.
Then i can like have this like "rack"
to put all of my magazines.

I'm planing to buy those expensive magazines when i
go to poly, just because, i LOVE fashion.
So, then it'll be my little chill out corner.
Then i'm planing to make my dresser like those
film studios/make up room.
You know with the like light bulbs hanging out.

I feel like drawing all of this things in my sketch book.
I want to redecorate my room.
I was thinking of varnishing my shelf
or like pasting collage.
Idk. I really need to work when i'm in poly man.
I want to make my room like HEAVEN!

OMG, i'm blabbering.
So i wanted to like print the Eiffel tower.
Just like a small one will do.
Cos i want to go there some day.

And maybe as my hair grows long,
i was thinking of cutting it like the girl
in the second picture.
It looks so cute!

The third picture is like a hat that i want
except more err, different.
Andy has it, maybe someday i pinjam from her.

I can wear that with like my black dress.
But i still need a faded denim jacket.

Okay i'm done for today, is the post long?
Sorry for boring you.

Go kick some ass!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Look at these beautiful ice cream.
It looks so creamy and yummeh.
Okayy, i better post for today now.
I have been watching haul videos on YouTube
and getting really jealous that they celebrate Christmas.
They get like the most awesome-ess stuff!

Okayy so like today was a drag really.
I got a call from Mdm Wahidah.
I pity her alot, so i'll be helping her out
for drama. It's nothing big, just a power point.

I need to do like major researches on festivities.
I will try my best to make it look as awesome as ever.
I am really dying to get a job.
I really want money man.
I want to work hard, spend the "holidays"
with blood sweat and tears.
And ending up each month with kaching!!!
As in money lah.

So yesterday i chatted with my bgf.
Meaning, Best Guy friend.
Haha, it can alos turn out to be best gay friend.
Hahaha, but no, it's guy.
Okayy back to the chatting.
So he told me about the jobs that he has.
I mean macam, kawan recommend gitu lah.
So catched up with him.
He had an interview today.
I totally forgot, msg him later lah.

Okay so like i'm typing, and listening to Harmonicas
on America's got talent . So random.
I want to go on a job hunt.
But maybe i'll just go and search at Jp.
I'm a lazy worker.

I am really looking forward to his Saturday.
Tomorrow i'll try my best to finish the power point.
I just downloaded some music.
Well, not really download in the illegal way
you see, being a nice YouTube singer,
Chester let his listeners download free music legally.
And so i did, the end.

Here is a little side track.
I want to like buy some facial products.
A facial scrub maybe, just to smoothen my skin.
A back head remover/lotion.
More of that Himalaya Nourishing Skin cream.
Err, a hair conditioner, probably from dove.

Make up!!
I want to try that eyeshadow pallet at Chameleon.
I need to buy a liquid eye liner, mine ran out.
Maybe some lip gloss, i don't know.
Some hair wax or gel to style my short hair
But before that, i need this.


Okay, i am going to watch more videos and
America;s got talent.
All of you can go mind your business eh.

Go kick some ass!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awww, take a look at that man.
It's like pizza meets ice cream.
Equals to a pizza popsticle.
Imagine if you had to literally bite the pizza
off the huge stick with the cheese still lingering on it.
Ohh yummyy man.

Okayy, so today i woke up pretty late.
As usual i was like wayy stone lah.
Hahahha hilarious.
So start the day with a light breakfast.
Bread with olive margarine with a little sugar
and heat it up in the oven and
So then watched "under the Tuscan sun"
Then ate ice cream and on the net.

So I just had a little night snack at 10pm just now.
I goreng-ed some hot dogs.
Abang took one and ate it with roti.
I took two, cut them and made some small pizza.
Currently posting and watching destination truth.
So jyeahh, the evidence looks fake.
The hair looks like a blondie man.

So earlier today Aishah recommended me to her agent
i think, so i got a job!!!!!! For two days only.
But it beats me sitting at home and rot.
I'm so happy that it's related to Chingay.
OKayy, shall not brag more.
There is going to be a training.
I'm going to contact with the person on the attire.
I forgot to ask.

So, Saturday will be meeting up Fiqah.
I'll try to take some cool photos lah eh.
Lately i have not been artsy.
SO this might be a good opportunity.
And we will buying Amelia's present.
I feel like ajaking Fiqah to Far East Plaza.
Since she hasn't been there before.

Okay people, i'll blog again tomorrow.
Have an awesome night.

Go kick some ass!

2011 awesomeness

Imagine if they sold this as limited edition ciggs.
I would like go OMG.
No, i don't smoke.
I was searching for tumblr pics and i spot this.
It's like way cool lah.
It' decorated with cute drawings and stuff.
It's like making more female/kids
smoke man.
I mean i'm not anti female smokers.
It's just a thought yo.

Okayy, so like, i changed my skin.
I mean, my blog skin.
It'll be really cool if you can really change
your skin in real human life man.
You can be like furry and snake-skin and stuff.
Hahaha. No link at all.

So, Cik Man, pronounce it in the malay way.
Rather than the english way, cause, it'll sound weird.
Okay back to the story.
Cik Man, helped to reformat my laptop.
Because it crashed the other week/month/year.
Dad bought for me a new mini mouse.
No, not the mickey mini mouse.
I mean like tiny mouse.
with a retractable wire/usb connector thing.
I changed my blog skin.
Almost all my notes and books are gone.
So everything is "new"!!

I was watching "The day after tomorrow"
Well, actually i was listening to it,
cause my back was facing the tv and my eyes were on Youtube.
Next Monday, they're showing independence day.
What the hell???
They are like portraying as if 2012 will actually happen.
Either it's global warming, aliens or god.
What the hell tv/mediacorp.

Oh my Gee la.
Forget about it.
The main reason why i turned
on the computer/laptop was to use up
two and a half hour.
I want to watch
closer to home.
It's kinda good but short.
I like how the actress talks.

So this week is going to be boring man.
I ain't going anywhere
except during the weekends.
On Saturday, i'll be teman-ing
to go to esplanade and city/town area.
She will be taking photos of buildings
for her art folio, i guess for her O's.
So happy to help her la.
On Sunday got jemputan and some gathering.
I think.
But it'll be awesome of course.

People, "closer to home"
is on, i need to catch it.
What shall be my new
end phrase?

Go kick some ass!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has been stressing ever since it was time to make the right decision.
I have no idea which poly to go.
I want the course that i want but the poly to far
hence i'm lazyy.
So i am so happy, now i know what direction i'm going to.
I'm gonna change from media.
Cos it's like too much computer stuff to
industrial design.
Sounds funky.
It's like dnt basically.
And i really LOVE dnt.
So i have rint screen the webbies.
help meee!

Nanyang Poly caught my attention first ^
Then republic poly ^^
Realised, Ngee ann also have^^
Sp one very boring -.-

My english terrible.
So this is so beside the point la eh.
maybe later, i'll post my drawing that i
sort of copied but is 100% colour pencil aje.
Susah siool.
Ok nak tdo balik. Baru pukul 7.45 am.
gd mrning/night!