Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chocolate, Dress and god,

 Chocolate here chocolate there, I wish i have a constant supply of chocolates in the fridge.
Brother just brought Cinnamon melts and chocolate melts i prefer cinnamon though.
Thank you so much abang. Love you.<3
 I really like how she paired up the corset with that beautiful nude pleated skirt. it cuts just at the right length, not too long and not too short so it does not show too much and is conservative at the same time. She looks really elegant with the up-do and that simple Chanel-look-alike clutch. I really like the free bird on her necklace, i always loved that bird, it shows hope and freedom. <3

For the past few days i have not been fasting due to Female reasons. I really feel bad that i'm not fasting but i can do nothing. I really hope that it would end soon and i can perform Terawih as well as solat. In this beautiful month of Ramadhan i must perform my prayers and ask for forgiveness from the great almighty , Allah. I find it stupid that i used to miss it or purposely miss it due to my lazyness, this shows how weak my Iman is and i am forever regretting my wrong doings.

I'm reading a book currently by Leila Aboulela called Minaret. I still don't really have the idea of the story but i hope this is one of those stories that would change my attitude spiritually and mentally. Does this two words
have the same meaning? I really did not mean it that way. I feel  like i am changing for the better ther is still some bad attitudes or things about me. But i can feel the change and it is making me feel much positive in life. 
In the book there is a paragraph that i'll like to quote.

The mercy of Allah is an ocean.Our sins are a lump of clay clenched between the beak of a pigeon.The pigeon is perched on the branch of a tree at the edge of that ocean.It only has to open it's beak.
This quote has so many meaning to it and i could live by that quote. It may not really be such a moving quote but that quote gives me hope that there is a chance for me to enter heaven in Akhirat. It is one of those things that scares me the most. I usually think about it. I mean one day or another i am going to die and return to Allah. I would prefer to be at my best and show him that i change.

I read in a book, or more like i learnt in one of my "studies" in mosque, that most of the "people" that enters Hell are women. This just shook me and made me think and wonder what i have been doing that might have just contributed it to be in my sins list. It is so simple for us to enter hell as women and so easy for men to enter heaven yet some of them do not try or do their best in doing so. I would love to be a better servant of god. I hope he receives my prayers and forgives my sins. Insyaallah i will change for the better. Insyaallah. Amin.

I am sorry if any part of my post might have gone against your perception or thinking and i am sorry if i have gone too religion-y in my post today. I just hope that world would change for the better. Insyaallah Amin.

With that, i bid goodbye. Assalam mualaikum. (:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo posting

 I really like how one side of her hair is longer than the other, it kind of reminded me of Rihanna's bobs. But i would prefer if my hair was thins long rather than have a really short bob.
 Her is Camilla Belle. I really like the curls and the softness of her hair. It looks so elegant almost regal. I really like how it fits with her. The curls are just enough to add volume instead of turning the hair into a mess. The length is also nice.
I really like her fringe here. It looks so soft and relaxed. I like the length even though it's still a bob. I like how it fits her fringe and her hair colour. i'm stil thinking if i should cut bangs, a normal fringe or just let it grow.
I am in LOVE with t his burgundy leather satchel. I have been seeing this  beeing used in Lookbook for  long time. I just came across it's website and was so excited until i saw the price. Of cos it was expensive, a cost of $135- But still the colour is great, it's made by real leather and the size is big enough. I'm still pondering what to buy for my mates as a form of momento. I was thinking of like buying some sweets and chocolate and a bracelet, so that we can all use it and be reminded of each other. Yeah, after calculating, it might just be over budget.
I am still trying to find a cheap skirt this long and flowy. My friend bought it at Bedok and it costs $18 which is affordable only thing is that i don't know exactly where it is. Also, i went window shopping on my one the other day and saw some nice affordable shoe. i want more slip on shoe and like a sandal. I am really looking forward to go to Johor again in this month, Insyallah. I want to buy sandals and maybe some dresses?

I really want to buy that bag at JP as well as that Shoe. Gosh, mum is like nagging at me because i;m like using my money to buy clothes and stuff so idk if i should buy anything now, but it is so cheap!!! 

I gtg, need to sahur later and then go blaja, i want to bring mum to JP. Alright. Good bye

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I totally feel this man. It has been happening to me now. I regretted saying no but oh well, Allah has a plan and i chose this path, who knows he might show me the right one, one day. I hope that I made the right choice. Now is not the time to think about relationship but instead studies. I'm a little sad about this but oh well, one day when it's right maybe it will happen. Insyallah. If not then it's okay. Alhamdulilah with what has happen all this while.
Moving on, I so missed the time when me, Fiqq and Ellia met to walk around shopping centers and well, bond. Fiqah then introduced to me Yami youghurt. It was so yummy, i feel like buying it, I don't know if i should buy it later as i don't think i have enough time to eat it. But it'll be cool. I'll buy the big one and share with my family.
*Stomach grumbling in class*

I'm having my maths quiz now but i am in no mood to check if i have written the right answer as i cannot be bothered to do so. Class has been so cold ever since it started fasting. I'm happy that my Chinese friend was "inspired" or like was in awe when we told her the reason why we fast.
She even fast today, but she did not eat sahur.:(
Moving on, i edited this photo and thought that it looked so cool. I was like, hell yeah, i actually wanted to put like electric bolts at her hands but i couldn't as i did not have the "equipment" and knowledge on how to do so. But it turned out to be nice and my brother likes it. Oh my gosh, I feel so tired and sleeping.

I soooooo want to go shopping with my classmates and watch Captain America together!

I have to go now, my teacher is showing his 6P at 11.00! ahahahah:)))