Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well, here's the big news.
I think it might be small.

I have successfully chopped my hair.
I shall not say how short.
Show a picture,
or explain how it looks like.
For now, if you do see me, with
strangely short hair,

that my friend, is me
with really short hair.

Meet me next year during
Results day,
and i do not know if you would be surprised at all.
So jyeahh, thats all for today.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not really, okay this post will consist of mainly, photos
of clothings that i want. All taken from forever 21.
Want it? Go to the webbie.
So right, here i go.

So, recently, i bought a necklace that looks,
somewhat similar to this necklace.
For $5, Kind of a good deal.
sound effect: Cha ching

And, i found a leather jacket, in black,
which belongs to dad,
Abit similar to this one on top.
I would like to wear it one day.
But i need a black t-shirt.
So, i hae been buying loads of coloured tee
until, black shirts are gone.

I'm in search for a simple maxi dress, something
like this, except that it should cost about $10.
I found a $20 dress, similar to this but sleeveless,
with a mickey mouse print.
Butttt, din buy it.

I also want a really laid back dress, cos,
i don't have one. Something flowwy.
It'll be nice.

I would wear this with jeans or leggings,
very casual.
I have a black dress, i'm still not sure how
and when i'll wear it.
But, it's just too dressy.

I'm also in search of sweaters.
Because i just love them.

And another sweater.
Stripesss all over.
Ohh , and i am also into boots.
Something like this la,
I actually want those
dr martens one.
Butt it is way too expensive,
So this is a better deal.

This shoe just looks cute.
And really laid back.

Okayy, today's post is boring.

Friday, December 17, 2010

LOL, count olaf from the series of unfortunate events.
I must say it is one of those jim carrey characters
where he zones out and truly becomes an actor.
Cos most of his movies are mostly him being hilarious.
One other movie that i liked with him acting in it
is Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
Yeah, really long tittle.
It's kind of confusing at the start but as it goes on.
You kind of finally understand it.
I do not even know why i'm talking about
Jim Carrey.

So, i have been watching Haul videos for an hour
i think, and i just got really fascinated by them.
I don't really have cash right now.
And it has been such a long time since i splurge on
fashion stufffs,
and you know me, i;m a cheapo.
I like buying really cool clothings that looks expensive,
But really are just friggin cheap.
Mom and Dad keep saying that i should use my card.
So why not?
It's the holidays.
O level results are in a few more weeks.
It'll keep my mind off it.
And well, i can now dress up.
Since "friends" already went for shopping spree.
Or whatever they do together.

I always am not invited.
No harsh feelings.
I got used to it.
So i'll just shop till i drop
with my mom.

Just so you know it's just an idea.
But i really need to buy new clothes.
Teehee .
That reminded me of Ryan Higa

Okay, so this just flew in my mind.
So the random.
I want to buy those like faded jeans
And the jeans cardigan thinggy.
I need to let Fiqq tag a long.
Buy with her some
minah tudung stuffs.

Anyways, hopefully mom
won't be tired tomorrow
and well i might just go
shopping with her.

Signing off,
your skinny ass blogger!

Mango, Forever 21, Cheapo shops.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


So i watched Narnia blablabla.
With Andy, Elli and Fiqq.
10 bucksk?!
I forgot it was a sunday -.-
The movie was friggin awesome.
Like most "linkage-y" movies.
You must catch the previous part
to really understand what happened.
So jyeaah.
One of the character's acting was superb.
Lucy, in the movie was so beautifull.
Caspian, he looked more like,
whats that other movie?
something about the prince laaaa.
It's from a gamee,
Gawd, my bro played that game.
Haizz forgot.
I feel like i want to play blackshot!
Cheh no.
So yeah, the movie has a moral to it.
I can't remember that much.
So yupp.


So i took a whole lot of photos of my ductape wallet.
Yes, you read it right.
Duct tape wallet.
I made it in like a few hours.
Freaking addictive,
i need to buy more duct tape.
Mum's wallet is like halfway.
So jyeahh.
I'm using it as my wallet
cos it is just so
friggin cool lahhhh.
So the contractors are going to build a lift.
At the carpark.
It is soo going to be noisyyy.
But yah.
Mom is just soo cuteeee.
I can't remember when,
but i cooked mee hongkong.
Sedap and senang i tell you.
So yah.
I really can't remember when, but
we cleaned our store room.
Loads of history in there la.
Found some cool things,
retro, new.
So once, mum took out his tikar,
then there was a cockroach.
She panic-ed and quickly took a broom
and wacked it on the floor.
Instead of killing the roach.
She killed the broom.
The broom stick broke in half.
So the whole family stared and
started laughing or ass off.
Until i cried.
So then we substitute the stick with the
previous mop's stick.
And it is friggin long.
Like a palm shorter than me.
Long right??/

So abang took this bag and said he wanted to use for poly.
I thought it was fashionably cool.
It is made of tikar and it is from serawak.
I din know this, but dad went to Bali when he was
a bujang, So awesome la.
Being dudes, you can like go anywhere you want la.
Jadi perempuan, so many things to worry.
Next item.

I din realise that i took a photo of my
legs too.
So i took this bag,it looks real simple and retro.
in Very good condition.
I'm gonna use it!
Ohh, then i found this cool tape cleaner thing.
At my time, cds were in.
So tapes were like out.
I was like buadak jakon.
I pressed the start button lah .
oh i also just realised that
i have a friggin boombox in my home.
See how awesomeeee is my dad.
Then i found this really old
rustic retro bag.
I was like
*gospel music*
OMG, mak, lawanye.
eeee. da burok dik, ape yang lawa.
So a moment there .
I was kinda happy that dad kept the bag and said that it was still
in good conditions.
sound effect : *DING*
After banquet, we went to eat Yammi youghurt,
Fiqq blanja me cos i blanja her drink.
LOLS. She put walnut.
The peach youghurt was just
Kid's voice : yummy!
Elli's topping was the colourful cereal.
I forgot te name.
She bought the small one.
Tasty too.

So went back home,
I'm puasaing tommorow.

have an awesome day.

Signing off

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i actually wanted to post about my duct tape wallet.
BUt im just plain lazy

Friday, December 3, 2010

This is the best picture that i could find.
Okayy so today i used my free tickets.
i REALLY want to watch red.
But mum was tired and blablabla,
So i gave in and well we watched Rapunzel.
I can't really say it sucked nor can i say it rocks.
It's the usual fairytale story.
"And they live happily ever after"
That sorta thing.
So yeahh the narrator was the dude.
He wasn't the prince charming.
He is a thief.
Then he met Rapunzel.
Okay, so i was kinda pissed that
most of the seat were occupied by childcare kids.
Which equals to NOISYYYY .
Besides that there was a couple who sat beside me.
Bagus la tu.
I was suppose to enjoy this free ticket
instead people are torturing meeeee.
I'm okay with a couple.
Really i am.
Only when they don't talk mushy with each other.
Hug here hug there.
It's a fucking cinema!
You are suppose to keep your mouth sealed!
You want to make out?
Go to the toilet.
Show everyone that you are doing it.
To shy ah?
Oh kiss here hug there in mrt can ah?
Knock your head one time.
Okayy enough of this shit.
Overall i rate it.
you can watch it if you want
Or don't watch it if you want.
I tell you it does NOT suck.
It was okayy.

NINJA'S OUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMMORROW.
I am so glad mum let me go. Like hell yeah!!!!
I'm furious already not because of this.
But yeahh,
Good night!

Ohh wait. i still really want to watch RED!
So whoever wants to catch it,
tell me hopefully i can go with you.

Signing off,

So yeahhh,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two door cinema club.

Thanks to Andy Skive.
I am listening to an awesome band.
To me, their music is sorta soft rock?
I don't know how to say..
You got to listen to their song and you'll understand.
I have no idea at all

I am not a poser, i am just posting some awesome
bands so you guys can listen to their awesome music.
Don't be shock when i type rock.
It's not hardcore at all, trust me.
It's like click five but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
more better.
Click five to me became popular because of
their pretty faces.
Like seriously, i prefer awesome instruments
and killer vocals.
Okay guys, what i have been doing from just now
is use my facebook.
However i have chores to do.
Since i don't have a job
or rather, i can't have a job.
Chores are the next best thing to do.
When your bored.
If i'm done i'll prolly
Strum on my uke
or i'll jast watch more old movies.
Gonna use the free movie tickets tommorow
and hopefully if can, watch RED with mum.
I want to ajak abg but he rather play
badminton with his buddies.
I'd go with someone else but i'm to
lazy to wait for their replies.
Like seriously.
Why? Because they are either working,
sleeping, surfing or living.
Idk i think i'm just lazy.
Whatever, bye guys.
Anything interesting to tell me?
Text me !

Alright, ironing clothes time
See ya!

Signing off,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long update

Okay, the picture above is so
totally random.
I just think it's so cuuute.
Everytime me and abg go ngaji,
we always terserempak with this two cute kitteh.
Then, when we were on our way back,
we saw them sleep soundly,
So cute you know. ok enuf

This pic is to just update and
show that i am still editting.
It's from the new phone.
The camera quality is quite good.
I still prefer the old one :C
But the speakers are friggin AWESOME
Okay, so this is the phone.
Fiqq says its common.
I say i don't care.
It's new for me.
It's slick.
It has 8.1 mega-pixel
[i don't understand the reason why they put the 0.1]
It's speakers are LOUDDD
I'm getting use to it really easily
Besides it feels good to pay for
your own thing.
So, you can really treasure it man.
That's why i can't let go of the old one. :C
Oh well, this phone has wifi , way better la.
I surf the net using my phne even tho im at home.
Lazy much?
Bu seriously, you can see my eyes shine man
like when i use it.
Get it?

Bye people!

Friday, November 19, 2010


TIME: 6++

So me, Shahirah and Liyana went
to downtown east together.
We met at around 10 since Liyana was late.
Then we ride the mrt
and stand the whole journey for almost an hour.
Tiring much?
Then rang Azman to ask for directions and bus
numbers and rode the 354 bus at
Pasir Ris interchange.
Then we arrived at down town east and met
the rest of the crew.
Shockingly enough was the fact that
the organizers weren't there and no food was ordered.
So we all made our way to Fairprice while the dudes
went to the arcade to distress except for Azman.
That explains the picture above^^
Once we were done with the choice of food,
we made our way back.
Everybody pitch in and paid enough for everything.
So there's Samuel pushing the cart.
And here is the rest of the crew.
Then we arrived at our "home"
Everyone else went to eat their brunch
at popeyes while, Ismat, Sam,Jinwei,
me,Shahirah and Liyana stayed to chill.
The guys of course went up to Zzzzzzz.
While the girls chilled.
The picture above is Ismat climbing the stairs
with his tempang leg.
Shahirah chiiling by the staicase watching tv.
There was no cable hence boring
Liyana sitiing on a chair refusing to take a photo.
As for me i was the camera women.
So after which, we became bored and decided
to go out to Ehub! otw there,
it started to drizzle the RAIN.
So we stoped by at ecp but soon realise that it was
getting heavier and
we quickly made our way to Ehub.
There we met with the others.
Soon enough, we decided to go bowling.
There is Shahirah above throwing the ball.
There she is again looking at the aftermath.
Sorry Shah, she did not hit anything.
Then it was my turn, i was throwing
the ball with all my might and power.
The outcome, gigi bogeh .
So there was two pins on each corner.
The second time, it went to the gutter.
Then it wad Liyana's turn.
She was better than me
but was really angry at how good the
other people were good at.
Well, you can't see clearly
but i scored the highest and had a strike!
yes, A strike, which means, once.
Oh ya, and the person who keyed in my name
spelled it as Arnie. You think that's cute?
Hello, you think i Archie ah?
Nvm, what's done is done
So then went back "home",
played some indoor games with the rest.
Ahamd and Imran being incredibly dumb and slow.
They were made for each other.
Gosh i'm bad.
The BBQ started and the flame was on.
Before the BBQ started i borrowed Syabil's bike
and told Syahrizad to accompany me
to ride bike.
And sure enough i was having a great time.
Why? I haven't cycled for so longgg.
I have to say, Zad is one selenge cycler.
We were cycling on the road and he did not
even check if there was incoming vehicles,
the next thing he did was to panic.
Then, we lighted the candle for Jinwei's birthday cake.
He was so surprised which was awesome.
He came to me secretky and said,
"Today is not even my birthday, it's not even 12 yet."
So we gave him an early birthday.
hahha. So me, shahirah and Liyan went back home at 9 after
ishak. We reached home at 10++.
I watched Survivor then house.
And in the end slept at 1.
Woke up today at 1 pm.
How awesome is that.
12 freaking hours of sleeping, only.

Goodnight everybody!
Signing off,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i am thinking of making this cute owl plushies
for special people, that is if i can make that much of them.
Or maybe i'lljust make them and sell them
Ohh well, at least i have a project in mind.

isn't it cute
Okay thats all.
Signing off, Ardyyna



Rara the QUEEN
Ruby and Kah shin
Ifa Shaniz
Kasturi, Aishah
Iffah Raymond
Kah shin
Diyana, Suha, Wani
Yusof and Milly's hand

Rong Tat?
Ms Wong
Mdm Dian, surprisingly we look similar
Ms Sharon tan and Sahira

Signing off,