Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Music, UT and Shoes

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name
(Bad name)
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name
(Bad name)
Hey, you give love a bad name

Aiyu wants me to update my blog. Listen to this song as you read my blog. My friend was singing the tune and was asking me what song it was, and true enough i was right, you give love a bad name.

Alright so anyways, i feel so sad about my UT grades. It's so bad. Well, not all of them are bad but maths is really bad. I wanted to like make this week my study week but i was just too tired. I can't study, the journey from woodlands to my home is just so far. Well, i'm exaggerating but still it is tiring. Everyday i feel so shag. What if i were to have an IG, then it would be more stressing on me. Speaking about IG, since i don't have one i need to go to talks and gain CE points.

I already signed up for two different talks without checking if i have UT's on that dates. So dumb,very dumb. Like omg, i am so lucky that none of them clash but i don't think i would have enough time to study. I was thinking of having a study group but i fear we might not focus as well and instead talked a lot. So i'm not sure how it will turn out.

I still have yet to upload my RJ. I don't know how statistic affect our everyday-to-day life. Oh my god, today was suppose to be our Rp girl's meeting, i thought that Aishah and Liyana did not attend school so i canceled it and postponed it to Friday. But the truth was that they were in school. -,- oh my god. I feel so bad, so sorry guys!

Anyways, i am really interested in fashion as my dream was to be a fashion designer then actress then product design then I don't know what. Anyways, i am trying my best to get all the information on the different fashion style and also what's in and out. So i have been visiting different websites ranging from Singapore's fashion to other countries. Also i have been buying magazines that are more fashion forward(is that the right term?) as compared to those entertainment magazines like teens or teenagers. So yeah.

I have been reading Female magazine.

This is June's issue, i missed the previous month;s issue. I personally prefer this mag as it think they really put their heart into it, like they are real. They like tell their personal thoughts and inferences on the trends. Okay, so moving on.

So you know that girls have some kind of need for shopping in some particular area. Like bags or shoes or makeups or nail polish. But for me, i would say shoes!

Like i have tons of different shoes, for school, for dressing and for well jemputans. Hahahhaha.
I personally love this seasons shoe trends, there's a lot of platforms in it which is like super awesome. I really like platform sandals and heels and i can't wait to show off my raya shoe!! I hope i won't get tired and fall.Ooh, and the fact that this season's trends has somewhat of a clog shoe thing, like it's kind of woody, can i say that.

Okay, shan't talk too much on that. But here is a picture of platform heels.

they look so cute, They might look dreadful to walk on but they are way more easy on your feet than normal heels, so i recommend this to you guys.

Alright, i need to finish up my RJ and sleep so i won't be late for tommorow's communication module. Bye!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

organiser vs shoe

Look at that it's so neat and organised. Now im thinking if i should buy the shoe or the organizer. Seeesh. I think i need an organizer and want the shoe. I'm gonna check out the range of cost at popular this friday, i hope. If i see any that looks nice and costs okay, then im gonna buy it and organise my month. So i can remind myself when i have what and stuff. If the cost is okay there are some money left from my savings then i'm going to buy the shoe too!

So excited!!! So, if can i'm gonna check it out on wednesday and ask if there is any stock on the brown colour one and see how long it would last. OMG. Okay, so mum allows me to go to the consert my friend is holding. Lucky free. But she's not gonna give any money.But i'm cool with that. I have some emergency money at hand. SO anything goes wrong i just use that.

We had maths just now. I did not understand it at the beginning but after going through the worksheet i finally understand it. And surprisingly it was easier than i thought. It's already 10.30 and i'm already sleepy.But! There is a show called trick my truck! SO nice. Gotta watch it. It's like pimp my ride but the southern version. Hahahaha!

Today's post shall be short. Gotta go, my battery life is low already! good bye.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Look at this beautiful and simple shoe. It's by Tory Burch and worth $299. I don't know why i like to do this but why the fish is the price so friggin expensive. I am in search for cheap and nice looking sandals because it's friggin hot for my foot to be stuck in a shoe. But i still like how finish the whole look is.

Well, the title say it all. So i have been dying to get my hands on some oxford shoe as i just love the design of it. So Rubi is selling it for $15!! I'm so stoked about it. It was previously worth $40. I want to ask the cashier if there is still any stock for the brown ones as i prefer it better. It shoew off the design better than the black . Then there was another shoe i think made of rattan and also $15. It looks simple and has small slits on it which might be good to keep the foot breathing.

I have been saving up some money from my pocket money and was considering to either buy a bag or a shoe. And since the shoes are on sale, i think i'm gonna get it. If they don't have any more stock of the brown coloured one i'm gonna ask around if other rubi store are already on sale and is there any stock for the brown one. Oh my battery is really low. I hope that i am going to finish typing this post.

Okay, so now my brother is reading this post right next to me, which is pretty weird and all of my points are lost in my mind. Right, so today we had our UT and I was so happy that we were allowed to use our notes in a book. I prefer it to be in a notebook as you can refer to it easily and flip it anywhere. In the computer you have to open all and click on which presentation you want to see. So troublesome. But it is good that we are allowed to refer our presentations.

It was hard like i thought it would be. I think i can score it but not that high as my communication teacher is not someone you want to mess with. I really hope i can do well for all of my UTs. I need to do well. Also i need to attend to more ce talk, I will be attending the bio thingy. I need to check on my emails if not, i'm going to slack. I'm thinking that i should go to one ce talk every week. If not 3 times a month, at least. That way i can earn Ce points faster and focus on my studies.

Tomorrow is going to be maths. Some of my classmates agreed to wear blue tomorrow for fun and we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I also need to check with my mum if i can come down to my mates performance at Ite. If i can then i will go and take some pictures with my classmates and enjoy my day then go back home and rot or study. Everybody is in their room now sleeping. I need to wash some dishes and i'll go to sleep.

I know my post are long probably the reason why i have no readers. But i will just continue and see if there is any progress. To those who read, please say so in the tagbox as i appreciate it alot. Thank you so much.

I'm gonna go now. Goodbye and Goodnight.


I crave for a delicious pile of home made pancake. But we malay people do not know how to make them even though the ingredients are so little. Eat with ice cream/sugar/honey/chocolate cream. Yummmmm. It's 12 am already.I am really happy with what i did today. I manage to study for communication UT. I also manage to understand today's module on programming. It was stressing at the start but i eventually manage to survive the whole day.

I returned home today a little later than usual as i ate after school instead of during the breaks as i was to focused on understanding what the hell was on my screen. But all in all i manage to complete it not fully but enough. Chilled at home for awhile and watched 'Little people, big world'.I love the show, all of them have different character and are so funny and cute. I love the mum the most, she is so adventurous, i hope i can be like her one day.

Own so many money and organizing it well, doing the things i want to do on earth before i die and be happy.Oh so at around 6.30 went down to hand Jaime her present and chat about our lives.I miss talking and sharing her stories. She is my closest Chinese friend and we understand each other. Is it called best friends? I don't think so, we'll see how far our friendship goes but so far no downs for us. Any who, went to Religious class, got back home with my eyelids on the floor.

I really felt so tired and thought of just crashing to bed but of course i need to stop procrastinating as my grades are turning bad. I need to maintain my A's and B's less C's please. So quickly turned on my laptop read through the slides and made notes then tried to recall what i need to know for today's UT. I manage to do all these things on time because i did a timetable. I became organised. But i'm still thinking on getting myself an organizer. I'm so bad at mind schedule. Maybe i shall buy one with the money i have saved. Yay to me.

My eyes are killing me and my body is shutting down. I shall turn in for now and hope that tomorrow's UT would be manageable after studying. Hmm, what shall i wear tomorrow. Oh! And thank you Noel for buying the key chain. And thank you Nurul for being so caring and giving me some biscuits. I tend to forget to say please and thank you. Gosh, bad habits.

Okay, that's it for today. I wrote an essay on my day. Goodbye people and good night. Shall tuck in and sleep tight. Muackx!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Awwwww. So sweet . The colours just fantastic. Can i call it love bird?
form tumblr.
So cute.

So, i am really disappointed at myself. I did not control myself. This is what i fear if i don't have control in life. That sucks. I need to have a schedule/organiser. If not i'm never going to improve or do better in life. I always procastinate. I mean everybody does this but seriously. It has to stop. Besides Test are coming and this sucks. My memory is not that good too. I don't want my grades to flop but i am just getting lazier as time pass. Why? Because of television or internet.

Actually, it's because of me. It's my braaaaaaaaaaaaaain. I'm thinking of making a memory book. Hahaha i do not know what to call it. Like i will paste all the movie tickets in it and hopefully one day when i get old i will touch it and relive those memories. One thing i don't like aboout technology is that now, since we don't use films anymore but instead we use memory chips. We don't usually print our photos but we put it in our computer or internet. But we wont look back at it. Maybe we will but not often.

In the past, we use to be so happy when festivities come. We would be in awe when someone has a camera and taking photo wisely as we can't delete films. Then we would get so excited and go to the photo printing shops with our parents and start to print everything wait for a day or two. Pay the person. Get an album paste it in. Look back on all the photos developed and laughed over it with your family. Gosh i miss those moments. We are getting lazier as time pass.

See. see.see. I mean we can still print them lah but do you still do it? Okay maybe some of those people who loves photography. Haish. *flips hair* Haiya. Procrastinate je.. Here watch this video by charlie explaining why we procrastinate. On the other hand. Those who are in RP, good luck on your UTs. And, can someone help me explain on how i can make a new password. Freaking out here. Nobody is even layan-ning me on Facebook. So sad.

Goodbye, sparkle boy is on tv.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gifs not working

I like how she did a bow on her hair and her bangs cover her eyes. I have always wanted to try cutting bangs but thought that it might not work out for me so i always cut my fringe to the side slope. Is that what you call it? Her lip colour is so nice. A nice matte nude pink. Really suit her lips. I have been loving nude lipsticks that has a touch of colour. Besides it's in. I can't wait for tomorrow as i will be catching a movie with my cousins on my dad's side. We are getting way more closer than before.

I'm a little disappointed that Bianca won't be with us but it might be good. Besides we're gonna watch Kungfu Panda, it might scare her hence causing her to cry in the cinema. A big no no. Anywho, i hope i can wear those wedges. Whoop2. I don't think it would be appropriate to wear wedges in school. Like wtf would i want to wear heels to school, unless it's formal week. But jyeah. It's not even that high. It's platform wedges so it's not that tiring. So yeah.

Why the hell is Charlie here? I just wanted to see if i can pu this gif in my post. If i moves it means it works if it does not it means my laptop sucks. Does anyone knows how to make gifs move when you save them cos mine is not working. Which sucks.

Ya, so i was hoping that this holiday break would help me to study more instead of studying last minute. But of course being unorganised and lazy i did not go along to my plan. Aww boohoo. Great job dina. Oh, and if you are reading this Sahira, please give me you link i lost it. :]

Oh yeah, hopefully your holidays are fun and awesome. Am so glad that during my school day, other poly's are having their holidays which means, less crowd in the MRT!!!! whoop2.

I will be keeping my hair and wait for it to grow.. SO slow but it is growing. Still dry but idgf anymore. I'm just gonna let it grow. And until it reaches my shoulder i will cut bangs and make the lower part of my hair curl in, what do you call that? Whatever i do not know also. Aiyo, my english is just terrible.

Oh yes, do you like my new skin. I love it. It's so quirky and i like the colour with the different signs on top. Maybe not the pictures at every post but still i like it. I need to catch up on my youtube subscriptions. Alright i shall study/youtube my time left for the day.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Mathew Fray Gubler.
Okay, people would go gaga over Johnny Depp[i still do] or Korean boy bands. I prefer this cool actor as my favourite person. Whatever. I need some girl time here man. Holiday's are here and it started of with a kick with a mini class gathering that only a few can come. But it has move down hill. And this is not good. Why? I'm rotting at home with chores pilling.

Anywho, if you do not know this person, he is one of the few actors in Criminal Minds or Chipmunks, playing Theodore.I like the way he acts really smart, with a lot of info in his mind. But that's the character he gets so of cos.. I would like to see him acting in other roles to see if he is a versatile actor, this is one of the things that i do when watching a television show.

Here is a sidetrack. When i watch tv, i pay attention to how that person acts, if they have a character that is suppose to make the audience irritated, and fulfills it then he/she is awesome. But if he/she fails or i can see a little uncomfortable moment, i kind of get disappointed. Anywho lets move back to where i am now.
Here's a quote that i got from tumblr and i personally feel that it fits with me. Maybe to my cousin too but oh well what can we say. This is what we have to go through so live with it. I feel like smaking those bitches ass. Ular kepale dua ke aku ni? Oh what the hell. Guess i'm the bitch then. Okay end this moment of idk what to call.
I have been looking everywhere for this skirt!! I know where this skirt is sold. But i think it's too expensive and it's not in Singapore. So i have been looking for it everywhere. Well maybe not everywhere but i want a cheap version of it. Speaking of cheap. If you know, Rubi is my favourite shoe store evar. I really love it when they have sales they go half priced. So awesome right. So anyway, me and mom entered IMM's cotton on and we bought two clogs. Well one for mom and the other for me. Mom bought a black clog, i bought a black wedge. They look so cute and they both summed up for $10. I have been trying to find something to wear with it. Maybe skinnies with a tank top and a t. Then with those wedges. But my hair ah, must style. It's looking dead everyday man. Like oh my god la.

Haish, i'm considering if i should trim it or keep it. I miss both my short and long hair. Okay i'm so thirsty now. I'm gonna get a cup of cold water and switch off this laptop and sleeeep. Need to wake up early tomorrow going to a talk.

Goodbye, have a great night/morning. Muax