Saturday, February 26, 2011

birthday boy and family
birthday boy and guy cousins
birthday boy and girl cousins
birthday boy and makciks

So went over to Aiyu's house for the regular monthly
prayers for yayi.
she showed me misfits which is almost the same
as skins, except way cooler.
Skins is more of like life and misfits is more
to like unatural?

So jyeahhhh. We also gave a surprised bash
to birthday boy, yayat.
The one with the plaster on his nose.
The last kid with the spectacle is fart boy.
And bibik Siti cooked lasagnia.
Punye sedap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohh, and after reciting surah yasin,
we watched a horror movie.
As usual.

muah, goodbye!

I'm sorry Aiyu

Friday, February 25, 2011

Night out eating with family

I wore this.
Pose with the car.
My teeth is tooo shiny.

Kebabai shiny....
I saw pentax at chalenger IMM.
I was like, I WANT THAT!
But of course, where to korek the money?

1st thing, im gonna buy is Dr martens.
2nd a blazer.
3rd some clothes from forever 21
4th rings...

All right people thats all.
This is what i want.
It has been ages since i get presents for my birthday.
If i do get them it's only from close friends.
And my family.
I'm not trying to order you but.
You know, getting gifts, it makes you happy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOOKBOOK Inspired by Aiyu

These are all pictures taken from lookbook.
And, i'll tell you more about why i chose them.

I have the exact red skinies, but i thot it was too bright,
So i bleached it, it has little tie dye circles.
I hope, i'll be brave enough to wear it to school
this march/april...
Once, i get my Dr Martens, I'm gonna get those
denim jackets.... Grrrr
I need to buy styling gels too, to make my hair look
way more cooler, right now, it's like one mangkok.
If only my fringe that long...
Gonna get that bowl hat from Aiyu...
Wait hor, i'll get the money and buy it..
I will, just you wait aiyu..
I picked this pic because i just like how she styles.
If singapore not hot, surely i wear layers la
I need to get a basic black printed tee,
i don't have one...

Again, thank you aiyu!

I'm too lazy to blog.
Go have fun watching this video.
I need my daily dose of
Greys Anaotmy.
Good night!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Look at that, both rp students.. hahah
These pictures were yesterdays,
these are the performance for chingay tmrw.
I watched the public version with vanessa
Look at the round thinggy, heavy yknow.
There, the guy turning,
his face was red sia..
This is the "float"
by Indonesia
performance by indo..
flyer so close..

So, tommorow would be my working day
at the chinggay parade..
I cant wait to get the money...

I'll be working with vanessa also on another week.
Yay!! more money.. hooorahh.

Goodbye peeps.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I din know that the pictures would be this big.
But yeahh.

I am currently, "redesigning"
my room so that it'll look more like a
poly student look.

Did i wrote this on the previous post?

Never mind, i am thinking of painting it
dark brown and adding little shades of red.
But i think it'll be too daring.
I'm going for a more soft shade/mood.

If i can paint my room dark brown,
I'l paint all four walls dark brown,
and cut out a stencil,
I'll put borders on the top of the walls,
to make it look more put together...

I did some things to make my room a little
different than it was before,
I bought some candles, with the candle holder.
Two frames, a pencil holder and
four baskets.

It may sound, a little weird,
but it makes my room a little pulled together.
My dresser looks way better now.
I changed the throw to a darker shade.
It looks way more polished and bolder.

Dad also helped me by getting a new computer chair.
It is in black, and is much more comfortable.
The older one was making me have bad backaches.
And, it was freeeeeeee.

I'm not trying to brag about what i have bought
and whatever that i have thrown.
I just want to share.
Being at home, not working and slacking
is pretty mush making me bored.
So by sharing this i feel much better.

I still do not know why my tagboard is not working.
which is pretty sad, but i'm not going to do anything.
Cos i'm lazy.

come on, start schooling already,
i want money...
I want to buy things....
Come school come.

Alright people,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


To me, is kinda like her old ones.
So it does not sound new,
You know, it seems like shes going back being
the punk/emo/skater singer she was before she was married.
Which is partly sad, as she used to be my favourite singer.
Align Left
So pink's song is becoming way more awesome.
I just love her videos and the story behind the songs.
I particularly like Raise your glass and Fucking Perfect.
It's really meaningful and the beats are great.

Okayy, it's really weird to be doing a "review"
On songs at the start of a post. Because i would usually
just get to the point.
I have not been posting any thing lately
because, nothing interesting has happened.

I just really want a job.
I need to like persuade mom or like
convince her that i need/want a job man.
I feel like shopping but i don't have the money.

Which is like so not fun at all.
Alright, i am so stuck on this two things
to buy. It's either a watch by Marc Jacobs.
Or a boot by Dr Martens.

If you do not know who these people are,
basically, they are brands.
So go search on your google bar.

Ooooh, it is raining like heavily.
Here is something random,
i need to like memorise this script
for my chinggay work thing.
I have memorised only the opening.
Like whoaaaaaah'
That is like major Semangat.

Alright people, help me choose.
The watch or boots?
I'm going for watch cos, i don't have like
a really nice branded and expensive watch.
And, It's worth the buy, you know.

So people, if you want me to post
on something, i would gladly do a search on it.
In the mean time, i really would want a job.
Whoop whoop!