Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I was nomnomnom on this, earlier.
So as we were otw to Wak moen's house to have our usual
ngobrol (chit chat), we passed bu our beautiful skykline.
And i saw the sun setting with the soft silky clouds.
So smooth and relaxing, at times like this,
i wished i had a DSLR.
This is the latest photo that i edited, it only had minor edits.
I din put any words to describe the photo this time,
as i thought that just made me look sort of studpid.

Any who i shall tell you guys what i did on the last two weekends and yesterday.
So to start of, Saturday!

This was mom's side gathering.
It was our family's turn to hold the event.
And we decided to cook nasi briyani with daging and ayam and fruits.
So i fried the chicken much to my amazement turned out
soft and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.
SO then after maghrib prayers we read Surrah Yassin.

And then it was makan time, So we all started eating and chatting and
laughing while watching Lilo and Stich.
After which, we packed the leftovers and gave it to everybody.
I din took any photos basically because i forgot.
And so when everyone left, it was time for me and bro to clean up the mess.
And it was tiring.

So we then sleep to get us prepared for tommorow, grocery shopping.


We started the day with a hearty breakfast, which i forgot
and left for Sheng siong and brought our groceries.

We then chillax and took a nap to recharge our tired bodies and got
ready to go out again.

We went to Wak Moen's house as family bonding time.
We went there only to realise that bibik endang was caught in an accident.
And we were all abit freaked out for awhile, but we continued on to bond.
As usual, the uncles were noisiest.
I was really pumped to watch Jumper but thanks to my uncle,
Paman Gunarwan, i had to endured his screaming lungs
as he sang to the malay songs. He was kareoke-ing.
And i was really dissapointed and so i went to bore.

All the cousins and kids were pretty much btd as we really din have anything to do.
So we chated about shcool and life and cousin and more stuff.
So then the aunts and uncles decided that we should visit bibik endang the next day.

So i started the day lazy.
We waited for dad to come home at 6 and have his meal.
Then we watched a portion of the amazing race and left the house .
Abang on the other hand was happily away with his frens
at Johor.

So we made our way Buangkok.
The area sounds so funny.
Then we were the second to arrive.
When everybody arrived, we ate different chocolates
and popcorns.
It was tasty, we left the house and went back home pretty late.

And today i woke up late and missed ngaji.

Mohawk update.
I tried but it din turn out too good.
front view
Top view?

thats all folks.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I just wanted to start today's post with this cool photo taken from the wondeful
website called; Tumblr.okay thats all.

This is not in the category of what's in, but it's not wrong to wear whatever she is
wearing. And it does still look good. I really like her shirt and blazer/cardigan.
Moving on, i recently bought a top that looks like this. The blue on but it's much longer
and bigger as it was a size s not xs. so i was excited to use it as a boyfriend shirt,
but it did not really go on to well with me, and it only made me look even more
like a dude. So now i'm thinking of layering it like this or just use it as a cardigan.

And another picture to show how fucking cool short hair is. People, i am brave enough
to cut my hair and style it. So don't you judge me because you don't even know how i am in real life. Booyah!! okay, basically i like how simple she did her hair and the colour too.

for guys and girls

Alright, start of the fashion stuff. YAY!!!
Alright, right now, a simple blazer like what she's wearing is totally in.
A simple blazer can pull of a look to be casual or even dressy.
It can be worn on both dresses and pants.
Sp go ahead and buy a blazer NOW!
[man i sound like an advertisement]

Alright, for the heels junkie. Platform heels are totally in now.
They may look rather unpleasant but these heels are much more easy on those
legs. It does not make you tired as much as pumps. But it does go well
with leggings. Anywho. I went to jp, Rubi just now, and i saw the exact same one.
Okay, maybe not, it looked the same but maybe a little different.
Also, a big sun hat is totally in. It looks so relaxing and dressy at the same time.
It can help pull a look together or help you when you have those bad hair days.
I saw a lovely sun hat at XXI the other day, pretty gorgeous.
Okay, another in thing are nautical lines. Pretty simple and casual.
Just add some shades and look awshum...
I would love to try this but i'm not so brave.
and she pulls this look off like WOAHHH.
this is a softer attempt on colour blocking.
Alright, for the dudes, will it kill you guys too look a tad more fashion foward.
Do like what his doing^^^ A simple shirt tucked in jeans and a beanie.
Simple yet cool and fashion foward.
Next, leather jackets and boots, dude you'll look so cool.
Maybe a bit like skin head but not so rabak la eh.
Or maybe just finish your look with a cool/simple hair style. like a mohawk.
Or while your wearing you jeans and tshirt take a blazer and a hat/cap if your lazy to
style your hair. The red converse completes the look.

Allright guys.
Sorry if it's a little too much fashion.
This is just my point of view of what's in and looks good based on lookbook
and also youtube. That's all. pictures are taken from lookbook and tumblr.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

boom boom badabada boom

I'm starting today's post with a lookbook photo.
I really like her yellow leggings, it reminded me of my syf performance as
a goldfish, I am searching for coloured leggings to help out with colour blocking.
Or to just make casual wear more fun. But i need to find really thick thights cos
i'm a bit insecure about my body. I also love her scarf and how it goes
together with the thights, simple wear yet dressy.

Moving on, i am really wondering if i should save for these Dr Martens boots
or just buy them as a spree. I really want one pair of original brand shoe.
Like it could make me grin everytime i open the store room and look at those shoes.
urghh... I'm still thinking whether to play save on the colours. If i pick a solid
colour like the brown one, i can work it with any clothing..
Or just be bold and buy a nice deep cherry red colour and stand tall.
[if you know what i mean]
I'm either buying this nice brown colour or

This beautiful deep cherry.
Help me pick a colour but still the final decision is mine.

Also, with my short hair growing very slowly, i am looking for different hairstyle to
work with because right now, i'm always pulling those bandana's and it is really
boring me. Also, when i go out or ride a public transport, people look at me
head to toe to decide if i'm a female or male. I don't smile outside because that's
just weird, but seriously don't stare at me with your laser eyes man, i feel like
pulling out one of these [ _|_ ] in your face. But i must keep myself calm and
be proud and confident of how i look. Why? because i was born this way.

Okay, the last part was not needed but hey, it's my blog and i'm sharing my emotions.
Alright, so the video is basically a tutorial on styling a Faux Mohawk.
And i'm not brave enough to cut a Mohawk so since i have short hair why
not try it now when i can. I have the hairspray, comb and short hair but
unfortunately not the bobby pins. Gosh I need those since my hair is like everywhere.
Sidetrack: If you are at home with me, my whole hair is pushed to the back with a headband.

That information was seriously not needed too, but never mind.
So tomorrow i will be going to Jp and hopefully i can buy those bobby pins
and other accessories with the remaining 15 bucks i'm left.

Oh yes aiyu, will you be coming on the 26 March for our kenduri? tag me.
Thank you love.

Alright that's all for today.

Have a nice sleep.
Read, rate ,comment.


I feel like this....hahaha

Alright guys, buhbye!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie review and beauty review and DURIAN!!

I put up this photo of this little girl for random purposes.

Here's something random, I found this while cleaning my room earlier.
I believe that the picture is upside down.
I'm to lazy to re upload it. Bare with it.

Beauty review/products...

First up is the clean and clear deep action cleanser.
Cost: $2, Watsons
I started to use clean and clear because some you tube gurus
recommend them , and so i tried.
When i started using it, i felt that it gives a fresh "after" feeling.
i don't know how to make it sound appealing. It did made my cheeks feel smooth
however it ruined my T zone, it became oily and pimples were showing.
I had to finish it to see if it was actually the problem behind the pimples or it is
just puberty. So, i'm now trying another product.

Dermalogica Ultra calming cleanser.
I did not buy this unfortunately,
I got this as a free gift when i was working at Chingay.
I was so happy! Because the product looks really expensive.
I don't know the cost though.
Alright, so i just used it earlier, the applicator was horrible.
I don't like it at all, the does not allow the product to go out smoothly, i had to
unscrew the cap and press it out of the bottle.
When i was applying it on my face, i felt that it was thin,
it did not feel calming or relaxing but was more like a lotion that was not cool.
So after washing it, you can still feel the cleanser like wearing a lotion on
your face, so far my forehead is not oily but the nose is.

Next is the Clean and clear Essentials foaming facial wash.
I still have not try yet, so a review is not coming out yet.
It cost $2.95 CK store.
Next is Biore pore pack.
I can't remember how much it costs, i think it's around $5.
Very expensive to me but it's worth it even though it only has 10 pieces.
Why? You don't use it everyday. Use it once a week.
I don't use it once a week, i use it when i feel like it.
Overall it is pretty good, the black heads and white head is pulled out.
It sometimes leaves a white "glue" behind but it does not irritate the skin.
I have bought it three times already so it's quite good.
But don't worry about the white ''glue" it can be removed with water.
So yeah. you should try it if you want to.
Last! Himalaya herbals nourishing skin cream.
Personally, Himalaya is a relatively good skincare brand.
My family[cousins and aunts] have been using it.
This cost $5. It is quite expensive but it last long.
Given the fact that i only use it around my mouth area that is dry.
Overall when you use it it feels like lotion and leaves your skin smooth.
However, it does "go away" with water. So, don't perspire.
But overall it is really good and i have been using it since sec 1.
So pretty good.

dad trying to open it up
I usually don't fancy durian that much. I would usually eat one or two and
thats it but today it was just too good. Really sweet.

Movie review!!!!
I watched Faster at Fiqq's house..
Okay review time. Overall i do not like the movie at all.
I give a 2/5. Very bad. The starting was confusing it did not explain anything.
He just went out of jail and then revenge. Personally i would love a revenge
movie if the reason behind the revenge was strong. And apparently he is a ghost.
Which is not too good, It would have been better if they had given a nice back
story behind the ghost thinggy, like say how he got it and why people who believe it
are scared of it. And the revenge part, make it more convincing . Like maybe the brother
did something to make "the rock" look up to him would be a much deeper reason.
If you don't understand then just leap after this sentence. And the assassin is not needed.
Seriously, he is just an extra role, it's not even important so throw him out of the movie.
And the twist, make it more dramatic and put in cool sound effects, because if you did
that, the audience would go "ouh!!!! shit, his the f***king killer''
but instead it went "huh? why him?"
why did he stole the money and kill shoot him ?
Did you ever notice that in every movie Dwayne acts, he is sort of like doing his
"rock" thing on the poster and its really boring.
Game plan^
Tooth fairy^
Gridiron gang^.

Alright people thats it.
Good bye

Saturday, March 19, 2011

edited and done by me.

This is kind of what i feel now.
I don't think my blog skin is fitting with my mood.
It's now too girlish for me.
The tagboard is not working.
It's making me question if that is good or bad.
But what the hell.

I don't feel like i should share anything.
Just because of my current mood.
I think this song suite my mood now.
The lyrics makes a lot of sense.
Duh dina.

Alright so that's all, i'll be going over to Fiqq
later. And yeah, have a nice day

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wanna go shopping

Here's to Aiyu!
I love the bow! I have been thinking of buying some/one.
i saw it at Jurong point and it was 3 bucks, pretty expensive for someone like me.
But after checking other stores, i think i might get one there, it's
at the chinatown area.. Yup, just telling if you want to buy too,
I love how relax and comfortable her outfit looks.
So far with my short hair, i can't style it in anyway except like this^.
So, i'm getting bored with the bandana's and the fact that my fringe is constantly
on my forehead is making me very irritated, plus, it is making me have a horrible
forehead with pimples. :C that is not good at all. I need bobby pins.
So, today at home, we watched Tron, Season's of the witch and Morning Glory.
I would never thought of saying this, but TRON, is hellamazing. Like seriously.
The effects, the colour, the ships/bike/props was badass.
I am so totally amazed by it, and i would most definitely rate it 4/5.
Simply because, one of the character looked too cartoony.
Yes, i love to be a critic.

As for Morning Glory, I am very happy that they picked Rachel Mc adam to play
the lead role, she plays a very good "Zikkah like" attitude.
Always thinking positive, also to higlight, she played a badass bitch in Meangirls.
So, she is very versatile not like Anne Hathaway.
Sorry to anyone who loves her, but i just realised that all of her roles that she
played was the same, i meant her acting.
The same like seriously, go check them out, or it might just be me..
SO i'll rate the movie 4/5.
I can't give it a 5, but you should catch it.
So while watching the movies, me and bro cooked and ate at the same time.
I ate this delicious piece of watermelon, yummy.
While bro, looking like a kid, was eating his lollipop with crackling.

Alright, right now enjoy this video of Russel Kane.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I started today's post with a photo of this beautiful lady
taken from Lookbook. Go to the website to get more inspirations.
So today was a drag, i was so excited that we were going to go to XX 1.
Short form of Forever 21, but when i got there, i was dissapointed at the
sizes, it was mainly L and m, even id there is size s,
it's american size so its like an M for me, and i got moody.
Boo forever 21!
But we then walked to habourfront and entered a few stores that were there.
SO instead of buying dressy clothings, i bought two chillax clothes.

Actually they are just slip on hoodies.
The pictures below. 2 for $10, who don't want to buy!
So then we went to the top shop, i mean the highest level shop.
Whatever la, then i bought my hari raya beg, i know very early.
I mean come on, it was freaking cheap! and it looked pretty awesome.
So i bought it.
I saw this at a minimart, and thought about how i used to buy
this loli when i was young, it was 50cents, so i bought it.
Actually, mum did. And it was crackling at my tounge.
hahaha, sorry aiyu for telling my boring life story.
We also bought the ikea chocolate, we checked the ingredients,
it is okay to eat for halal people. 1 for $1.80, buy ah.
I left it in the car so it melted a bit, but we put it in the fridge as soon as
we reached home, so it was saved!
While we were on our way back home, we pass the sg skyline.
That is what i call it, so i took a pic for you guys [sape sape saje yang bace]
I would really love to go to the museum that looks like a flower.
But, of course being street dumb, i am not willing to go.
Here is the hoodie, i bought a hite colour and bright green. The black was yesterday's.
I really feel good that i bought hoodies cause, Rp is freaking cold, so
when i'm feeling lazy i'll just slip it on and relax one corner.
I'm really hyped about the orientation.

Side track, i am REALLY jealous of Zikkah.
I don't know if she is reading this. She worked hard and earned
money like big time, and is shopping now, which is making me go meh.
I want money!!! I really want to go shopping and look classy once in a while.

I really want to buy a casual dress,
a blazer, another skinny jean and a few dressy blouse.
If you are wondering why i am buying another jeans is because,
I am getting fatter by the week, i can't fit in them anymore, I mean it's like
tight. yeap, tight.

I really want to cut my hair again once it grows, I don't really cry over my hair
i mean, it will grow, so there is no point for you to even cry over it man.
I am going for the hairstyle above.

WOW, long post.