Monday, May 23, 2011


Tomorrow would be my first ever UT for poly. I'm slightly scared and slightly confident. I have done my notes last minute but i have faith and hope that i can pass. I promised myself that i would finish everything by 1 am latest. I am happy that i met my deadline and got everything done. Ever since i've been in poly, my typing skills are getting better. This is so awesome, now can show off to people. LOLs. Right, so anyway, UT G101 would be tomorrow, i can't find communication's sixth presentation and i am getting worried but i will try my best to get it tomorrow from whoever that's in my class.

So since i needed the 6ps i took brother's hard disk and transfered them to my laptop. During that time frame, i put in movies too. So, i can watch it in class in between breaks and share it with my friends. Idk if it's going to play on the speakers though. But still i hope this can strengthen our relationship as a class. I really hope that we can hold a class gathering for E24L. I love my classmates they are awesome people! I think i shall sleep now, i need to remember at least a few things for tomorrow's UT and not depend so much on the presentation, but of course i will refer. Which is so awesome. I shall go now.

I'm kind of pissed at my hair now as it's not growing that well. I wanted to make it smoother and silky but instead it became dryer. I'm waiting for it to grow longer, i have a terrible *denyut-denyut* pain from wearing headbands. I think i will just let it go tomorrow, or i'll pin the sides up. I hope as my hair grow i will be able to cut my hair like this. And it would grow nicely. I really envy Fiqq's and Aiyu's hair. Their hair are so smooth. So the jealous. I have to really rest now. Oh ya one more thing. Do you have problems using Facebook on Google chrome? Because i do and i hate it. So now i can only Facebook through internet explorer. Thank god.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm in school now.
Faci still here.
Asking questions
But i am wasting my time blogging
because i fear you miss me.
Hahaha. Second picture is programming...
click it..then zoom
sakit kepale..
need to focus.. bye!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


How cute is the photo below.. hahahah!
And fiqah looks HILARIOUS!! OH MY GEE!
So cutee. hahaha maybe not but still.
So we celebrated a belated birthday for aiyu.. and her dad!
This is one of the awesome/fun photos we took.
Birthday girl
Birthday girl and dad with my mom(sebok)
Cousin (girls)
Cousin (boys)
Pakciks. My dad like relax one corner. LOL

We were at Fiqqs house for the usual tahlil
but someone received a surprise!!!
And then ate cakes and slacked.
We wacthed the rite and the man from nowhere.
The man from nowhere is actually very good.
Minus the cheesyness ah.
But overall touching and moving show.
Loved it!

Ummm, tmrw monday family bonding.
I hope aiyu will be coming.
My homework not done yet.