Monday, September 27, 2010

See, abg already bought a new mouse.
So this was yesterday.
I went to lorong melayu,
Wak moen was sick , i think kak Erni also.
I think lah.
So ate murtabak then drank teh -o
So the panas.
So sampai rumah only did section A of chem.
last sat was ok.
But zikkah made me naik darah.
so jyeahh thats all.
so boring my blog.
like dead.

Ohh, yeah, bro bought the mouse for $30.
He says it's for gaming purpose.
:/ never even tell me.
Nevermind ah, i take all the parts of my mouse.
Bukak and check here and there.
See if got something wrong then buy.
k tu je

Signing off,

Friday, September 24, 2010

SO zikkah, this is ANDY and ME

so, today i arrived home with a really bad mood.
Why? 4v7 this 4v7 that.
We this. We that.
Everything kite lah except for the best.
Like demoralizing us.
Then i said to Shahirah,
"wow, my secondary school life is like the exact repeat of my primary school."
Then come back home.
Yes i really cry, tapi i look around my blog,
no one reading also , so nvm lah.
So jyeahh.
Then went to school for usual maths class.
Then i was like thinking like maybe today i want to
stay back with Liyana and study maths with ms Aishah.
Then ah, i did not have the like sorta feeling.
No mood, to like go and study.
So i entered the house,
Then entered my room.
She came, she came she came.
I was like feeling happy already,
And mum helped a lot in like making me feel better.
Thank you mum i love you.
So yah, We watched Kick ass and were ROFLING
So yah.
Ohh, heres the interesting thing that happened to me today.
In maths extra class, Aisha was trying to take out the ink,
So she poked the plastic wrapping with the end of the pen.
Then ink run out.
SOo, i was laughing.
Then she koyak-ed
the other side of the pen.
And it went off.
The tip and the ink part terlepas.
Pe'a pe'a.
So the tip dropped on her skirt.
Then tangan die pon biru.
So i called her the blue girl.


Signing off,

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My whole plan to rest and study afterwords was an EPIC FAIL.
So, my plan was to come back from school, bathe sleep, wake up, do hw.
But instead my body just shut down.
So i slept at 6-7.
Bagusnye pompuan eh.
Then i was bathing ah, while bathing i heard this loud noise,
like ruble falling.
My first thiught, KIAMAT.
Then the noise went away.
I quickly grab the tuala and wrap around me.
Went out, my mum saying.
"Eh , yudi terbaka ah. Kesian nye. alamak mak kepo ah. nak turun"
Me, "Huh? terbakar? Tanta yang gile tu tak mak, terjun. "
"mak nak turun ah dik."
I ran to my room, wore something appropriate.
Dash outside to realise, my mum went down already
So i was like.
"Abang, mak da klua eh?"
"ahh. gi ah turun. "
"alamak, rambot dina nga basah. k ah takpe."
So i ran to my room, grab my phone, dashed down.
I saw mum talking with people.
So, i also join the kaypoh-ness.
I look up.
Aiyaya, young boy sitting on the edge of the window.
Kesian pudak tu.
I heard, the brother scold him, then he lock the door.
He open the window and want to jump down.
I was like,
"darimana die dapat kunci tingkap seh?"
So i sat down with mum at the carpark cause kena halau.
Then dad, just got home, we sit there.
Bro went down shortly after watching the drama series.
Sempat eh abang.
So jyeahh, they were so slow..
They look up mumble2.
I mean the civil defence ah.
Then they put the air inside the big like tilam thing.
I tell, you it is very tall.
Then one of the civil men got out of the window and go to him.
He said to the boy to go in.
The boy refuse.
He push him in.
Still don't want.
But in the end no one died lah.
If die i trauma already seh.
So went up the stairs, went to level 2 where the kid was.
Mum interview ah. A usual.
So then me and dad went up.
I reached fourth floor but still went up.
Dad"Naik lah kau, nak gi rumah sape je."
I was like. "eh da sampai. hahaha. memalukan"
Then, open door entered, wash feet.
Go inside room and on computer to blog this.
If this incident happened o me before O's oral ah.
I would have said this.
Ohh yah.
We made a conclusion as to why he would have want to kill himself.
So , he lost his mum a week or two earlier than my grandad.
So i know how he might feels.
His dad and bros all work.
So he is left at home alone.
Well not really, the sis is sick ah
Wheel chair bound, i think.
Pity him, doesn't have any friends.
He plays by himself.
Pity him lah.
OK, that's the end of my interesting day.
Signing off,
please come!!!!!
All race are welcome :))
Then after that we study likedog.
Anything more, ask Erizza.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Andy, how?? help me


Signing off,

Monday, September 20, 2010

It was awesome, yet again.
So the first hour i was totally focus on Dnt.
Then, i wanted to do English but Liyana was
hafal - ing words for Biology.
So i also join skali ah.
Then when i reached home at around 10.30
I watched white collar, i was like.
"Dina rase peter lah yang jahat, Kate slalu cakap someone close.Peter lah"
Then my dad and bro had the skeptical look.
So i was like showing the nevermindlah-face.
Anyhow, the commercial for the next episode showed .
Then I was right. Peter is jahat.
Kans kans kans.
So jyeahh, today abit late cos people needed to buy
food and stuff. So semua teman2.
Then chao.
I went inside my room,
Pikiak banyak2, "ade homework kene hantar tak besok?"
Then teringat,chemistry.
Haiyoyoyo Tambi.
So now i need to do it.
I don't feel sort of lazy but more like,
okay do homework.
So yah.
I seriously don't know what else to sayyy.
YAY!! Tommorrow after school no Jana.
OOOps.ter type name ah.
OOOH, Andy just replied my msg.
Woot. Okay i want to watch Fringe.
I need a break from Studying.
I want chocolate.
Shout out:
Signing off, Ardyyna
Zikkah so sorry, the intenet is a bitch. I can't upload it.
Meet ya tonight!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my cousins are here already!!!
YAY!. makan time.
i'll update later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I just got back home. At 11 pm.
So today my brother asked me if i wanted to follow
and play bunga api.
SO i was like "hell yeah"
I went down with him and realised that i was the only girl.
So i told bro to contact Eleena.
And she followed.
So it was bro, azlan, annafi, eleena and me,.
I tell you it was FUN.
The dudes make rocket.
I was like how the Fu** you make rocket.
So i watched then make and the thing fly.
They had this little "competition"
So, Bro added to triangular prism like wings.
Annafi put rectangular tipis wings.
Azlan put huge flat triangular wings.
We all bet that Azlan would rise to the challenge and Ann would fall.
But it was the complete opposite.
So yeah Ann's was like flying, Bro's up then down.
Azlan, Stayed on the gorund. hahahahaha.
Then Ann say hungry so blanja all of us 2 fries share.
So eat here eat there,
Then me and eleena were like saying.
"So this is what they do"
So the guys like cracking jokes then like i
tambah 2.
Eleena also. hahaha
Funny lah.
So Azlan go home early.
Eleena me and bro teman ann wait for bus,
Bus come he go, we go.
Then hantar Eleena .
Then me and bro got home and chillll.
So jyeahh.
Now or maybe later i'll do hw.
I think im staying till 8.
Anyone wants to join?

Friday, September 10, 2010

SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selamat Hari Raya !
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Lupekan sahajelah, ape yang aku telah lakukan
yang mungikn sakitkan hati korang.
Itu sahaje lah Arni nak cakap.

It feels odd typping my name as Arni cos i'm usually called dina.
Aniways, i felt that today was awesome and sentimentel.
Start with maaf session with mom and dad.
Then went to Wak ani's house.
Waited for Elli's fam but too lambat.
So we had to cabot and go to Lorong Melayu where
dad side is.

The moment we reached there, maaf session already begun.
So cry here cry there.
Then sanp here snap there.
Insya'allah i'll post it eh.
Habis Kak Nelly!!!huahuahua.

So we went to sebelah bapak the nyanyis.
Then laugh here and there.
Tommorow bapak side to go out.
So mom and dad are siap- ping the bahan 2 untuk masak
because this year my house first.
All of us go together.
So camera battery charge sampai full.

People, right now we celebrate.
On monday we kena torture nevermind.
Let's show them we CAN DO IT!

So , this is coming from me, WA CAYA SAMA LU!
Makan kuih banyak2!

Signing off,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I waited so long for the photos to upload.
When it's finally done, nothing. Blank.
Punye sakit hati.

SO yesterday:
Kemas bilik.
Push here
push there.
Angkat here
angkat there.
lap here
lap there.
Eh this sounds like
"i-a-i-a- oh moo moo here moo moo there"
Tiring giler.
But okay ah from one two bed to one bed.
Now double the thickness.
Now this sounds like a burger commercial.

Woke up late i think.
Bathe, kemas bilik and do maths.
I was asking around about HCF.
And only few jawab but still,
got people who msged back.
So i was like semangat buat maths.
Then my mum entered my room and said
she was tired and wants to rest.
So i let her be,
but the rain was just so cooling.
So mom and me slept .
I woke up when wiah called me.

Then i thought, might as well help mom
the more the merier?
Spelling. -.-
So i helped her.
Made some ketupats.
Around 3 -.-
It was hard but after a while senang lah.
But i give up.
I don't have the patience.

Now, i feel bored.
Homework still not done.
I feel the hari ray fever!!
But, thisis the first year without yayi.
Sedih, i can assure there's going to be a lot of crying.
I miss yayi.
I miss him calling me nana.
When i keep saying it's dina.

Okay, not time to be sentimental.
Msg me, whoever, i am freaking boredddddd

Shout out:

Anndy - Marlynn Manson's artworks are scary. But at least have creativity. I mean , lain daripada yang lain.

Signing off,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another post .
I am not asleep yet!!!!!!!
Woooooooooot. Sahur tak le bangun nanti.
Night evrybody

Monday, September 6, 2010

chung chung chung.
LOL. Sry, there was this voiceover saying Nick Chung.
The chung was so the like. ape tu,,, macam terlebih2.
So teringat.
Anyways, My chem and bio results mcm taik.
47/100 for chem. PATHETIC. 3 more marks!!!
Bio 42/100 my reaction ----> [ -------__________---------""]

Away : 5 minutes.

Trying to help mak potong the kuihs then the thing like too soft.
Haiyo. Mum was saying this year kuih tunjuk2
At last she bake also. Huahuahua.
Hooray!!! Cookies galore.
Betol ke spelling?

So yeah a very pathetic mark for a pathetic person.
But i can see improvement form 30++ to 40++.
Senyum sikit**

Okay need to go .
Mummy asking for help in the kitchen.
Gentel gentel cookies time.
Sounds wrong.
Okay bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signing off,

Friday, September 3, 2010


I think

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I look at myself in the mirror and i see a girl.
I look at myself in the mirror and i see a hopeless child.
I look at myself in the mirror and i see an unfaithful person.
I look at myself in the mirror and i see how messed up i am.
I look at myself in the mirror and i see how much money i waste.
I look at myself in the mirror and i say to myself "you suck", because i really do.

When i look down at my feet and continue staring at it, it doesn't mean I'm daydreaming.
It means I'm thinking.
When i look outside of the window and forget about you.
it doesn't mean I'm day dreaming.
It means I'm comparing how good the person around me are and how i suck.
I look around and i see how hardworking that person is.
When you see me, with heavy duty glasses and camping- looking bag,
it doesn't mean I'm smart.
It means I'm trying to look smart.
Because deep down I'm just stupid.

I'm not making this up and trying to be dramatic,
but this is the inner me slowly coming out.
Just like the art piece done by Alex pardee.

And yes. I do suck big time.
Don't even bother to make me feel better.
Because, you just can't

I'm sorry.

signing off,