Monday, June 28, 2010


Well,im too lazy and tired to write about today,
My head is in pain, i really need a haircut.
It's so the heavy.
lols. sakit ah
Itu sahaje lah readers ye.
Bye semue!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I forgot the shout out box.


Yayi- I really miss you. *sighs*

Elli and Fiqq- Am sorry cannot join you tmrw. But do have fun!

I dont want to be blind.

This is suppose to be at the bottom.
But its the office of the servicing car company.
Make me want to take photography photos.
New watch to my collection.
Finally 5 watch.
Cost $3.75
Its JP at 8 in the morning.
Its very shakey.
Inside the car feeling bored.
+++ stupid face.
better face.
Told you i was bored,
my hair looks kinda cool here.
Rock ah seh.
My tounge is red because of sweets.
Gosh i look horrible.
Still can post...
Apa maciiiam, pepsi ah.
My bro with mate half tutup.
Why my bro and dad head here?
Haiyo, nice place to take photo la.
I want dslr, then i print and sell for $5.
(ckp je)
Location 1: Jurong Point.
We went there for breakfast.
I did not know why we even eat outside
when we could just eat half boiled egg at home.
But it was mum's treat so wth.
Ohh, we ate KFC
Then next location.
Here's a convo of just now at this location
Mak: eh brape ah tu kuih2?
Me: Kuih? Mak ni KFC tau, takde jual 3 utk $1 tau.
Family: Laugh.
Abg: Ni 1 utk $1.30
Family: akward silence
Location 2 : Kubuh.
Scary much?
I'm so glad we went there.
i miss talking to yayi.
And no, i don't see him.
So, went there pretty early so it
was not that hot.
So we were
plucking2, cutting2, watering2.
And bace doa2.
Then went to next location.
Here's a convo we had there.
So dad was cutting the ling rumput there,
Mak: Abg, nak cube try. (classic mistake)
Me: Baik ah mak , cube try.
Mak: *giggles* ok ape, cube try abg.
Dad: Hand mak the cutter/ sciccors(?)
location 3 : Service place, idk where.
Drove there.
Allighted the car and gosh the smell of cars.
Aiyo, like polluting the air.
But it reminded me of DnT.
So waited for 1 & 1/2 hours.
We went to round around the place.
Drank pepsi to refreshen as it was HOT.
Then go to the budget warehouse sale.
I tell you , it's really cheap there.
That's where i bought my watch.
Here's a convo.
Me: abg, sini abg.
Abg: Pe?
Me: *points at distorted ben 10 watch*Ben 10!
Abg: Heh.
Me: pfft, Pak.
Dad: ah?
Me: *points at distorted ben 10 watch* Ben 10 limited edition.
Dad: *smiles* look away.
(you can prolly tell i was trying hard to make myself laugh)
Location 4: Geylang
So went there to buy serkup?
Idk how to spell.
Then mak bought pins and tudung and scarf.
All one buy one at the same shop -.-
Then , everyone was hungry except me.
I did not want to eat there, its
either phobia or i just dont want to.
But i figured i'll get hiungry so wth.
Ate nasi campor, all different.
After that went inside car, i got hyper.
Then lost energy bcos the jam made me mad
Me: Abg sikit ayam rendang, dina belom try.
Abg: *takes chicken puts on plate* Nah.
Me: *happy face*
Abg: I tell you, the chicken overwhelm the taste of the whole food.
Me: ye ke? *eats*
Me: OMG, heaven. Sedap pe. I agree.
Abg: *raise eyebrows* Kan.
Location5: Sheng Siong at Bukit panjang
Went there then bought groceries.
Tambah some snacks and what nots.
Then end up 100 ++, walau.
So the expensive.
Me:*points at peanut butter and jam*
Abg: Brape?
Me: Ni, 5(big). Ni 4(med), Ni 3.(small.)
Abg: Pfft, letak balik sudah.
Location6: Boon lay
I told mum i wanted to check my eyesight.
Cos i scared naik.
Then Heres the good new and bad news
Good news: After 1 & 1/2 years my degree added only 50.
Bad news: It still went up.
I went into the car and tears came out.
Yupp, it is sad for me.
I dont want to be blinddd.
Me: Aiyoi takot.
Abg: Asal?
Me: Entah, kalau g dentist ke check mate mesti takot.
Abg: Why you telling me this?
Me: Abg, this is the reason why we are here.*-.-*
Location7: home
Went back home put groceries into place.
I on tv sat watched.
Then berak bathe gedebak gedebuk/
Me: Abg, cepat berak, my bomb want to come out,
Abg: Sabah lah.
Me:*hear water*
Mak: abg kau mandi tau dik
Me: OI! jgn mandi dulu lahh. If i got diarhea? i kill you.*half crawling on floor in pain*
Abg: Diam lah
Me: aduiii.
Abg:*opens door.* cepat let the bombs drop, tak sempat nak mandi seh.
Me: *Quickly go inside*
Well, you know the rest.
Then i on com wtach tv.
Then now mak akaj klua mkn cos she nvr cook.
Aiyoyo tambi.
Signing off,

Friday, June 25, 2010


Ruby, scraping her super glue. Funny event.
I went back home from lunch, then was so "kusyuk"
watching tv abt autistic kids, i broke my cekak.
This drill looks so cute, so small.
I wanted to use it but nvr had the chance.
So this was the first take.
Zikkah:Jauh nye Arni.
Me: Abeh, nak nampakkan kau pe.
Takkan nak amek gmbr nampak stengah badan?
Second take.
Me: Better?
Zikkah: Much better.
Me: you din know that the school was this nice right?
Zikkah: ya, hahahaha.
I took this photo because it looked
like a torture chamber,that thing on
the table is a bend saw,
scary much??

Okayy, so today went to school to finish up on
my orthographic drawing
I almost did finish it
until i realise, the slider was not right.
So i waited for Mdm Chua.
From 2pm to 8pm.

So i came early at 9.30 to sch
Went to the workshop to take my artefact so can draw better.
Then it was locked and Kanchana was like.
"mam chua not here yet."
Then my reaction was like wth?

So i walked my way to lab3 incase it was open
but saw Ruby and Syahrizad chating.
So i joined in the fun.
Then Syeerah and Asyraf came and joined,
then we chatted and imagine what it would be if
we still continued talking at 5.00
and mdm chua still not here.
Then asyraf got bored and fascinated by water.
he drew syeerah, very ugly.

Then we saw haszrul
and was laughing cos we thought he was
struggling to open the door when infact he was able to enter.
Then everyone laugh at our dumbness,
So we all run towards the door.
But i was terkejot by Ruby's scream.
Her artefact broke for no reason.
The first thing i did was laugh at her
*now laughing*
He- le- ri-ou-us
What a friend.

Then did drawing.
Waited for cher,
still no sign.
So i did my folio.
I found out i have 21 parts for my artefact.
Boleh mati lohh

So i wait and wait and wait.
Then helped Zikkah clean her acrylic and felt
jealous at Liyana'sartefact
because of the little scartches available
(i sound like a pirate)

Yah so , it went on and on and on.
Then cher helped other children
Ehh salaah other students.
So continued to scare Zikkah.

i still remember going
At her and Diyana.
How fun was that?
Until Zikkah scared me back.
I was like friggin scared.

My face like shit.
And after dad i was ROFL.
cannot help it.

So yah, then it became 7.30.
You know how dark the school was,
Then me and Zikkah heard a baby cry.
I showed my scared face then Zikkah ran.
I was laughing my ass off man,
Funny lah Zikkah.

Okay , going to like watch MJ
performance on ch5.

Shout out:

Andy - sorry i update so slow.
Fiqq and Elli- I don't think i can go out on sunday
i want to do my dnt o levels.

Signing off,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday= go out = no dnt. *happy face*


What i wore today + grey hoodie
Then bought doughnut

A charity band for $1 at Rubi
Bought chicken mushroom also
And Kasot !!! Heeee *peace sign*
Front view
Top view. I can imagine a face here
The face has a sepet eye with an '0' mouth

Then did henna on hand haha.
So the ugly.
*konon2 nak buat mcm tatoo tapi tak jadi*
So since today i had no dnt,
or i was suppose to come but nvr.
I woke up at 10 am.
Syiok gilerrr.
Then mandi gedebak gedebuk.
11.30 siap2 go out with mum.
Reached at the bus interchenge at JP.
Saw, John, Azman, Syahrizad and Jin Wei
All dnt students except jon.
Never go dnt. hahaha
So then jalan2 from botom to top
of JP at the old one.
Then Top to down at the new one.
Mummy's leg was aching and she was sleepy.
So could not stay there longer.
so quickly went to rubi as i really wanted that shoe.
Me: Mak nak beli kasot! $15, half price!
Mak: Tak payah lah brape byk kasot kau ade?
Me: ala baru empat pe, tu pon lain2,
Satu sport shoe, satu kasot hitam, Satu kasot pallas.
(actually i had one more, orange colour $1)
Mak: Haizz, belik lah. gi cepat.
Me: ok lahh takpe. Ni tak ikhlas aje.
Mak: Nak beli tak nak
Me: heeee
So i quickly bought the shoe.
I wanted the flora one cos like different from others.
Then pikir2
If hujan then i want go from A to B.
Then muddy, kotor and i will look like gardener.
What a mind.
Then went to buy makan cos mak terpingin(?)
Then go home.
Sleeep until 6.
Tapi syiook.
mandi, smbyg, mkn , yasin
Then on com.

Shout out:

Andy - I'm sorry i cannot follow you.


signing out,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chemistry and Design & Technology

There you go, that's my artefact.
Top view.

Front view. Senget.
I glued it wrongly, ohh well
evaluation ,i will write that down.
Side view.
That is the slider to extent.
The thing i'm holding or supposedly
"pushing" is the button.
Push it don't pull it.
This is the close up of the stand or linkage.
8:00 AM
Woke up , bathed, went to school
Sat at the chair looked around
sat there by myself.
People slowly come in.
Ms Tay arranged her stuff on the table.
Then, alcohols and carboxylic acid.
How boring can Chemistry get?
Then Diyana sat beside me.
We paid(?) attention to her and talked at the same time.
As cher was teaching, the suasana began to change.
It became so dark .
Then, jeng jeng jeng.
Ms Tay"Aiyo storm"
Then my eyes drooop.
I gosok2.
But still no difference.
Ohh well, atleast i tried.
10:00 Am
Went back home.
Wanted to eat but then was too lazy and
still felt full.
So i was watching
Martha Stewart -.-
It was the only thing that was interesting.
Then jeng jeng jeng.
That is so not needed dina
My eyes closed and Lalaland
Mom:"Adik, pergi masok bilik"
Me:"Buat ape? Baju ronyok nanti"
[I was too sleepy and answered nonsense]
Mom:"Tdo kat kerusi yayo lah."
Me:"ohh"*sleepy smile*
So went to sleep then woke up at 11.
11.oo Am - 7.00 PM
Went to DnT quickly started off with my base.
File here file there.
Then buff.
Glue here glue there.
Then ...
Me:"Cher, mdm Chua!!! I'm Doneeee!! Go com lab ah?"
Cher:"mmm. OK. can , Ruby you go also , you finish already"
Ruby:"I know ah. I waiting for her (me)"
Cher :"ohh. ok"
Me and Ruby went to com lab 3.
We were so damn happy.
Finally no more cuts and dna trails
only dnt students understand.
Ben:"Wahh, finally you all finish"
Me:*pissed off*
You think i purposely do slowly ah?
Then happy time began.
Time passed all the way to 5.
We were all in tired mood.
Me, Ruby, Wani, Lerong(?)and Ben
were doing our work.
Then Ben started gathering used paper and crushing it.
Then he throw everwhere.
I was pissed off so i throw back ah.
Then me Ruby, Wani and Ben played.
Fun oi.
Run around the lab like kids.
Then Ben sneeze2 and caught a flu.
So then went home
Out of the house go ngaji.
Abg slept again except in bus only.
Then i was staring at the suasana
like org bodoh.
Then nagaji2
Naik bus.
Suddenly abg became hyper
so i joined.
Really2 no joke.
So we talk about nonsense and well
laughed till reached home.
Home, i on my lappy
sign in msn but put on away mode
then went to mummy room.
We then watched Mythbusters and joked around
Abg:"ehh, imagine eh kalau hidung kite terbalik?"
The rest of the family:*laugh*
Me:*put hands on forehead*(imaginary terbalik hidung)
trying to immitate some1."eh, gatal sak hidung*korek hidung*
(on forehead)
Haizz. kelaka lahh.
This is where i get my odd imagination from.
To the people i never layan on msn just now : Biyaneyo [Sorry]
I think i'm gonna do dnt folio while wtaching csi
Signing off,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pissed off again with the SAME person.

*No pictures today. Too lazy and internet buat hal
So went to maths in the morning.
At 8 reached school, i did a sort of
"celebration"dance towards iffah.
Then sat down and prepared for maths class.
Mrs Tan: "Arni"
Went to her, heart beating "dab dub dab dub"
I look at the paper
Slowly my mouth began to move up towards my ears
Then a wide smile appear.
Sahira:"Arni, kau pass eh"
Me: *shakes head up and down with smile*
Then i asked Jin Wei if he passed, and i won!!
He failed. I'm so bad
But i only get 50/100
But asalkan pass.
Then went back home.
Slept for 1 hour i think.
1pm, left home and off to dnt.
This is when i get pissed off.
Well, actually not yet.
Only when the time ticks to 6.30.
I was soooo damn friggin happy that my artefact
was going to finish, i just had to sand my base and "buff"
Then the teacher.
"Don't do now later got problem"
He occupied my mind while i was glueing the acrylic
And thn my finger stuck on the acrylic.
Him: "See, see, your hand stuck alrd"
In my mind"It would not be stuck if you talked."
I pulled my finger away with the energy i had left
piaakk, my skin stuck on the arcylic.
Habis, da tak lawa.
Thanks, ah cher thanks!
Then i was like so pissed of because
i wanted today to be like a happy day
Where i'll spend my day celbrating.
Thennnn, i cannot finish my artefact
Cis bedebah.
So i went back home feeling pissed.
I entered home.
and immeidately i said "artefact belom habis, pasal cikgu same jugak"
Ohh man, i feel like friggin slamming my fist against the door.
Tapi, jusy relax and shout it out.
After that mandi and siap2
Then went to ngaji.
The 99 bus was friggin lambat lah.
Actually while me and abg were crossing the road,
There was already a bus.
But i already felt it was going to drive away.
But abg was feeling something else.
abg:"cepat2 kereta"
I was like, "god, i don want to die. Please forgive me"
Yupp i have a weird mind.
At that same moment.
Zooom goes the bus.
Then wait somemore.
While waiting my eyes were drooping slowly.
Then i saw abg hunching down already/
His eyes close.
Look so calm somemore.
Felt ike doing the same.
Tapi pasal pakai tudong kans, takpe la
lain kali.
Then atleast after 15 minutes, the slow bus came.
Then inside the bus i was looking at my reflection bcos nothing
better to do while abg was sleeping again.
droped off.
Then bebual nagn guru ngaji.
Then went to the bus stop.
As the bus arrived,
i toleh belakang,
i said"Ehh"
He said "Ehh"
Then naik bus.
Ohh look at this post cool pe.
(See how bored i am)
Then went back home.
Damn hot, perspiring.
Then duduk bawa kipasm,
tuka baju, on computer
And blooog.
Ohh ya, i think while i was filling just now
at dnt i grew some muscles.
How random is that?
Like seriously, sebelah tangan keras.
Credits to the people who made my cbox alive:
And me.
Signing off,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday assignments

In the car otw to the jemputan, slept while waiting.
It was at Pasir Ris!
Was bored do took soem picture.
I was doing "Andy's" trick.
Shaking the phone up down and look what happened.
The window bent, cool much?
Trying to tke a photography photo lols.
Maybe edit it later

This is what i see if i enter the car and seat at the
back seat, this is the reason why i sleep.
Boring much?

So woke up at 10am and showered.
Gosok my juba, was so friggin excited.
Then wore it, too long.
It was as if i am sweeping the floor.
Then had to change to baju kurung.
So wore the green one which was already gosok.
Reached there, i was half asleep and half awake.
My eyes were like drooping man.
But i tried to look presentable.
Yeapp ate the food there as brunch.
Food points: 2/5
It was ok, the variety of food, veryy the little
The kuih muih , also very the little.
The nasi was dry.
The kuih was just, blek.
That is how i'm describing it.
Only the epok2 sedap, tu pon sikit je.
I think this wedding is very budget.
So then after that went back home.
But mum was bored.

"abang, kite round lah. Pegi depan tu , jgn belok"
So, we went rounding at pasir ris then, mum said.
"ngantok ah, nak tdo"
And dad replied
"alahh mentel ah kau ni. Nak tdo balik rumah la"
Me and mum : *laugh*

So went back home.
Mum ordered me to do chores,
I took note of it in my powerful brain.
Then sweep here, sweep there.
Cuci here, cuci there.
Panas lauk here, panas lauk there.
Wipe here wipe there.
Sparkling clean.
And now, i need to quickly sembayang zuhur.
Bagos nye pompuan..
Then need to do holiday assignments.
What a torture.

Signing off,

Epic failure

Breakfast was tom yam steamboat homemade style..
Ingredients: Hotdog, udang, fish ball and somesort
of a fishcake?

Ingredients: sayor, mee (my favourite)
and mushroom (not here)
Dump evrything in there and voala!
My first round, had another three, it was not enough..
Don't think i'm skinny, but i eat alot.. yummy
This was epic failure,
they look so friggin delicious but taste like shit.
I added too much water
Money wasted : $4.20
Then mom and dad went down to buy jelly.
Around 6, then put in refrigerator
at 6 check havent done yet.
Money wasted : $3.60
Then went to buy murtabak for Wak sri
reached there around 7.00
Bukit Panjang
Still there around 8 ++
This is the souvenior(?)/ tasbir
form Bik Endang's umrah.
I looooooove it. it's partly blue and gold.
*inserts wideeee smile*
Here is the close up.
This is the socks that Wak Tati bought.
So cute and comfy.
Wearing them to sleep.
So woke up at 11.
Then ate and bathed.
Went out of the house at 6.
Reach Wak Sri home at 7.00
Then sembahyang and
gedebak gedebuk
Then out of the house at 11++
Reach home at 12++
Kay poh at the souvenier with family.
Joked around and talked till 1++
Then the rest of family go to sleep while i blog.
Tomorrow got jemputan kahwin, dad 's unknown friend.
So wearing Juba!!! yay, finally.
If there is any interesting thing that happens tmrw
I'll blog.
Godd, my hair is so dry, feel like buying the serum so exx la.
Never mind
"Buy what you need not what you want"Fiqq
Still rememer her say that. LOL
She is younger than me but wiser.
Okay bye readers!
Time now: 2.01
Eyes droping alrd.
Signing off,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Freaking Pissed off

I can't blame everything on the teacher, but he was the one who was late.
I told him yesterday i wanted to finish everything by today.
Yet he went around buzying himself on other students.
I know i should be patient and stuff.
but his the helper for me what.
I waited for him for atleast 3 hours b4 he came then wait another hour
be4 he is done with the other students.
Then you know what happened?
Afetr bending the acrylic he finally told me.
"Actually no need to put this one. So no use bending"
My anger just flushed up to my face man.
If he were to tell me that, that particular piece is not needed,
then i would not have waste my time waiting for him right?
Fish you la.
If not today i'm done and i could continue with my other parts,
like folio and drawing.
I need to friggin hand this up on 3o June yknow!
Haiz, it;s like, the teachers don't even give a damn about his shit.
And they'll just say
"You do so slowly for what? Now blaming us for doing your artefact slow."
*smack teacher's face*
God damn it la.
Know i must file more things, then just now went to Gek Poh to buy
Butterfly nut but wrong one. Told her already don't believe.

I almost died just now man.
For real, not an expression.
I was on my way back to school from Gek Poh.
I wanted to cross the road near Pioneer Pri, then the traffic light for car was green
and the traffic light for humans were red.
but it signals the fact thet i can cross.
I look left and right there was no speeding car.
While crossing this uncle in a car on my left shouted
"Cepat, lari. cepat"
At that point i did not understand.
But just did so, i turned and notice a van zooming towards my direction.
I was like
"OMG, Ya allah. Thanks so much dude. Thank you so much"
Went back to school and never told anyone.
If not, right now, i would have been in the hospital lying in bed.
I'm tryingto calm myself down by listening to caling and relaxing music
played form a piano.
I feel quite relaxed now.
I'm going to solat now and do my homeworks,

Shoutout to all 4v8 students : Have an awesome day there at the BBQ!

Signing off,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


signing off,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

abg bz flying kite.
Abg talking to his sebok kawan (jonathan)

Look at that. a huge SOTONG
Syabil: abg, like war of the worlds.
This is the Dora kite.
One word : HUGE
And this is the tiger.
One word too: HUGE
Went to the pyramid and climbed.
Me(left)and Fiqq(right)
Elli, sitting on the sand
Me, with stupid face.
On the swinging thing babob.
Trying to show how fast my bro pushed me.
But cannot be translated in this photo.
Then bought Mc flurry, Large milo and Apple pie.
Then played kite.
Look at that cute kid!
And that's Fiqq, flying the kite,
right on her left head.
Then waved gdbye!
MY family went to eat at pasir panjang's prata shop.
Ate mushroom cheese and kosong(salivating)
Then went to Daiso to buy mom's thing
And me, a new clipboard.
The old one is getting koyak2.
Tomorrow = school.
Signing off,