Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well hello there readers. If there are any. It has been a looong time since i updated my blog. Really sorry.
But i think i owe myself a rest. I have some projects in mind. I'm saying goodbye to my loosey goosey brain.
I mean, i have been having this negative vibe in me which is not good, so i'm tossing it away. Now it's time for OOTD!

 I really did not know what to wear. Woke up really early today and was rushing to grab something nice to wear only to realise that we were having breakfast. Which was somewhat disappointing. I thought i could go on and search for the New Balance shoe as well as a new wallet, maybe from Charles & Keith. But, let's get back to the outfit today, I decided to wear the oversize denim shirt i got with me Denizen Jeans, accesories, was simple, just the usual watch, fox ring, and heart necklace. My shoe from Saucony and bag from Perlini.


 So, this is how i plan to do, phase one is to see if bleaching my jeans is going to work. Definitely not as pleasing as i thought it would be. I did some research after my first phase. Which should have been done before i did my experiment. Anyways, i'm gonna put an example of how i want it to look later at the bottom. The next few photo are the front and back as well as the closer view on it. Enjoy, or maybe not.

 This is the back view if the dipped jeans
 Front zoom
Back zoom.

I am kind of satisfied with how the bottom part of it is kind of completely gone. I like that it turned out white instead of a faded pink, So, i am happy with how the experiment turned out after all. My experiment made me realised that the amount of bleach needs to be enough for the jeans, i did try to mix it with water but it turned out, well it did not even bleach the jeans. So, no need to mix with water.

If you see here, the gradient on how the colour changes, i like how it blends and it does not look blocky. Which is kind of nice for the first time. So Phase II, tmrw? Maybe, when i have some free time.

Here is the picture of how i want my red jeans to look like.

See how it kind of drips down to the other jeans. It is slightly blocky but still it looks nice. But one thing that i really like is how it is bleached, it is completely gone. Which is what i want as well. I'm gonna cut my jeans short as well, but not as short as this. Also, i will distress the bottom, i will , if possible, add studs. 

Woahh, such a project. But i really hope that someone can tell me where i can find Studs. Thanks!

Good bye, i hope you enjoyed today's post.

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