Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photoshoot/ ootd

So hello again. I'm here to post a photoshoot / ootd.
I actually wanted my cousin to help me and take pictures for me.
But she was busy and so i took it by myself.
So , thing is when i was enjoying shooting all these photos.
The next door neigbour dog saw me and started barking.
Heck i was so scared. I went back in and well, i curled into a ball.
Nah that's lying. So here goes. Hey ho!

 So, i tried my best to edit it to make the whole post as one, but i kind of got overboard and 
i think i added too much. Enjoy. It's just going to be photos and i'll explain it last.

 I tried to get a full picture of my outfit but the camera didn't focus and they all turned out blur. 
So i like took myself sitting down. I hope you can see the outfit yeah?

Yeah, i took it at my home gate. And i live in a HDB flat. So this explains the lack of space.
 How i wish to have a yard infront of my house or a lawn. That'll be fun.


Polka dot polo tee by Bosini.
Shorts are DIY-ed.
Boots by Dr Martens.
Watch by Timex.
Belt are my dad's.

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