Saturday, January 14, 2012



I have been more into this kind of songs. I don't know exactly the genre is but i'll just call it club music. Music that makes you wanna dance and be stress free. I really like it and it's catchy. Moving on to Fashion now.

I really like the coat that she wears here. It's Zara and i reallt like the camel tone on it. It's a very simple get up when you wanna go out. Just throw on some good quality skinnies with a tee and put on the coat, grab an over the shoulder bag or a hand bag, some heels or even flats and your done. There you go an effortless chic look on your day out shopping or just put for dinner. If i do have that coat i would wear it on a day out, Singapore's pretty hot now uinlike the late December and early January where the days are cold and rainy.
Any ways, give her a hype up. Or even visit her blog.

Next up is Nancy! Another great outfit. It's a lttle bit out there. But still i like it. You need to be a little brave to wear this. It's not so bright or any thing like that but still, if your wearing this just to go to school, to me it looks a little to dressy. But still i like how she makes it androgynous. You don't usually see suspenders being worn with skirts but here it looks good. It's simple, conservative and neat.I love the hour glass shape that she has and how a long skirt looks great on her rather than frumpy and old. A simple black and white get up that you can wear maybe for a photo shoot or out with some fashionable friends. Hype her too as well as visit her blog for inspiration!

Here is a makeup tutorial video of Dulce. It's not beacause of the Kardashion look but beacuse it looks so stunning and the steps are simple. There is'nt a need to use so much make up . I have been watching her "grow" and i just can't believe that she's married and has a child. It looks really natural and i think can fit any outfit. For a more suttle look switch the lipstick to a nude one or a gloss.

That's all for today i hope you enjoyed today's post. Goodbye!

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