Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So i have not been posting in a while now. So to get things running. Imma post all of my shoes.
I did them in the collage and edited them to make it look more presentable.
Um, i'll explain briefly about each shoe, where i got it and stuff.
And if you are interested in like knowing more. Tell me.
But i doubt you will. My blog is rotting.

So first up is one of my go-to. Loafer looking flats.
The colour is a really nice light Burgundy. 
it's really comfy and light but they dont have those
structure or support you need at your feet.
I bought them with the one below for $30.
So, that was a deal. By Rubi.

Here is the other pair that i bought with the one above .
Its a nice deep blue with a front gold tip. It's a really
pretty contrast and looks ah-mazing. I wanted to get
a basic black flat but, the colour combination wasn't nice. And i thought, 
why not get a wild bright colour. So yeah.
Slightly better structure and comfy.
So i bought two for $30. 

 Next!! This is my first and worn out pair of sandals.
I'm not a big fan of jeweled or anything too bling bling.
But these were the one that were more muted.
I had to get them because i was pretty bored with sneakers.
So here it is. It's a light brown shade. Really neutral and easy
to mix it with anything.
I think it costs $25. I bought it at johore, cant remember the store.

Next is my oxford shoes. I have always aimed at getting one.
I saw one that was in a deep brown and it looks so good but these
were on sale and i could not let them go. These were not as i expected.
I'm really dissapointed in these, they are not comfortable at all.
They are really tough, but structured. The heels makes
so much noise. I think i should have gotten them at Bata which
makes it better. But hey i got them already.
$15, what a bargain. Rubi.

These, i bought them because of the print. It's a painted printed shoe.
Really soft, as in it's not hardy or heavy with soles.
And it's really light. Not so structured. Um, i would wear this
with something really casual not so dressy or i want to 
add a print to my outfit. I think i got these for $10. Rubi

My go to sneakers. I have my Palas Jazz a total rip off Vans.
But i don't mind, as it's really comfy, great structure. 
Really nice to wear on a lazy day. It's been a while since
i wore these. I got it for $16. Bargain right!
I bought it at a store in Marsling.

I bought these as i broke or tore one of my shoe and had to get a 
replacement. I think i tore my slippers and i saw hoe cute
these were. I wanted to get the red colour but my size were out.
So i had to get the one closest to it.
Of curse, it's orange. Guess what, i bought it for $2.
Cheap, i know. At a store in Marsling.

These are highcuts. Umm i would not recomend to you this
if your a dancer or are going to wear them everyday.
They have no structure, the soles are thin and
well it's not as comfy. I just needed a black shoe and i got them.
Rubi, $15

This is my first sport shoe. From Saucony. It was on sale.
Warehouse sale, i needed one for school. I like the colour combo.
It's really comfortable, but i think it's a bit to big for me.
So i don't wear them often. can't remember the price but i'll recommend them!

I have always wanted to own a pair of New Balance kicks.
So i got rally excited when i saw one on sale. I wanted
the guys designed but my size was out again. What luck.
But i definitely love this too. Blue in colour, my favourite.
They are so comfortable and incredibly light.
I'm so happy with this purchase.
$50 at IMM New Balance store.

This is one of my Raya Shoe. I did not pay for it.
My dad did, i really like the overlapping design. It's really comfy.
The height is not so high. It's just right and yeah.
I think it was for $50.

These are by far my best and favourite shoe. 
First ever boot or shoe from Dr Martens. I told
my brother to get it for me. So technically it was for free.
Hehehe. Love them really comfortable.
$159, Dr Martens, Orchard Central.

This is my latest pair of heels for Raya.
These are so expensive i felt sorry for buying it.
It's $80 i got a discount.
really light, great height and just comfy.

I got these for $5. Really nice for added height. 
Not my favourite colour but its nice.
Comfy, abit painful if you walk for too long.

Heels $5 as well. Nice height.
Really comfy. Simple basics.
You can wear it up or down.

These are my oldest heels. They are really nice for a pin up look.
Um, i cant remember the price but they are lovely.

These are my moms but i can't fit in them!
ugghr. But they are mine now. I'll pass them down.
Coureges, i heard they are a popular shoe brand.

These are my mom's too.
They were popular too and i cant fit in them.

My first Scholl pair. They are incredibly light and comfortable.
The height is perfect and the fabric is really nice and comfy.
I love it. Thanks Mom and Dad!

These are my first Crocs, they are really comfy and my cousin gave me
as she could not fit it. She bought the wrong size.
So idk the cost.

That's all guys! I hope that was okay. So here it is. Hope you enjoyed it.
Will try to do some OOTD soon. See you guys!!

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